Current Issue: April 2014

Creative Process

Making Connections | Stephen Brewster

What if creativity is less like a magical spark of inspiration, and more like putting together a puzzle—making connection after connection?

Why Your Message Missed | Scott McClellan

We spend our time trying to convey specific ideas to specific people in hopes of eliciting specific responses. But sometimes our message misses the target.


Connect with the Now | Luke McElroy

Almost every creative church is asking the question, “What’s the next big thing in visuals?” But what if we’re missing out on the power of the now?

When It’s Okay to Break the Rules | Colin Harman

We all hear about how artists are supposed to break the rules. But we also know rules are there for a reason. When do we break them? When do we follow them?


Connecting the Older Generation | Chris Vacher

Worship leaders who were once pushing the envelope are now becoming the older generation. Is there a place for older generations in our worship services?

Right People, Right Fit | Ben Rush

Team building is massively important to your worship experience. How do you make sure you have the right people in the right places on your team?


Developing the Right Networking Skills | Jason Dyba

People are part of almost everything we do in leadership. How do we go about networking with people the right way and leverage our relationships for good?

Safety, Structure, and Red Tape | Mark Sayers

What’s the balance between a safe church leadership structure and keeping from letting red tape turn your church into a bureaucratic nightmare?


Connect With Your Gear | Jason Castellente

Have you ever experienced “gear envy”? How can you overcome the green monster and make the most of the technology you currently have to work with?

Mind Your Transitions | Van Metschke

One of the most awkward things in a church service is a poorly executed transition. What can production workers do to ensure transitions go smoothly?


Connecting with Your Community | Chuck Scoggins

How do we connect with our community in such a way it that encourages them to become the marketers for our church?

Word-of-Mouth Marketing | Phil Bowdle

Word-of-mouth marketing is the least expensive, but also the least used form of marketing. Learn to use it effectively for your church communications.

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