Current Issue: July 2014

Creative Process

Learning from BuzzFeed | Justin Wise

Regardless of how you feel about the site, BuzzFeed, they’ve been very successful at reaching people. What can the Church learn from its success?

Stop Being Unbelievably Creative | Kevin Ely

Sometimes our creative process can get so “creative” that it no longer makes sense to people. Answering these three questions will help keep you from that.


10 Things Graphic Designers Love | Jason Watson

This is a somewhat humorous, and perhaps enlightening, look at some of the things graphic designers love—including some crutches and compromises.

How to Stop Being Micromanaged | Michael Buckingham

Do you feel like you’re micromanaged? This article discusses some of the causes of micromanagement and how to find a little more freedom for your work.


When the Worship Set Blows Your Mind | Will Doggett

There’s a danger in making every worship set the most epic and awesome set we’ve ever done: burn out, fostering a culture of addicts, getting unbalanced…

This Congregation is Waiting to be Led | Jonathan Malm

Do people actually want to worship God? Or is it something we have to force from them? How do we lead congregations that might not appear to be worshipers?


One Weird Trick that Will Make You a Better Leader | Jonathan Pearson

What lesson can we learn from Jesus’ leadership that can make us into a better leader? We see this example in the way He loved and served his disciples.

This Leader Encouraged Her Team to Fail | Jenni Catron

Do we embrace failure in our organizations? We like to say we do… But how can we encourage our teams to fail in order to get the best work from them?


5 Things You Should Never Do in the Tech Booth | Jason Castellente

Sometimes, we learn things the hard way. These are five things you should never do in the tech booth — learn from this article. Don’t learn it the hard way.

10 Things You Need to Say Yes to Right Now | Van Metschke

Tech workers are notorious for being those who say “no” to requests. But there are some things tech workers need to eagerly say yes to right now.


You’ll Never Believe what This Congregant Actually Heard | Josh Burns

How can the church communicator use the senses of hearing, sight, and touch to make their communication much more effective and accurate for the congregant?

6 Ways to Listen on Social Media | Kendall Conner

One of the most powerful features of social media is the ability to listen to your audience. How do you listen effectively and get the most benefit from it?

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