January 2013: Secrets of Creative Leaders

Posted on January 01, 2013.

Author: Jonathan Malm

The Creative Process

Secrets of Creative Leaders

We polled creative leaders from some of the most creative churches in the USA, to see what they see is the secret to the creative process.

The Appeal of Mystery | Whitney George

Whitney talks about the importance of incorporating the appeal of mystery into the creative process at our churches.


The Secret to Design Zen | Michael Buckingham

Michael talks about the secret to achieving design zen. How can you be happy with the things you design and create?

The Generation Gap | Camron Ware

Camron, a visual worshipper, explores how you avoid alienating the older and younger generations when you use visual worship in your services.


The Secret Power of Words | Becky Ykema

Becky explores the power of words in our worship leading. How do the words we speak between the songs affect the worship experience?

Worship Leader Confidential | Russ Ware

Russ explores some of the hidden insecurities worship leaders experience and offers some perspective on overcoming them.


Revealing New Ideas | Stephen Brewster

Stephen explores the concept of revealing new ideas to your church leadership. How do you present a crazy idea and help them accept it?

Work Less | Rick Calcutt

Rick explores how important it is for church workers to work less. You’ll actually get more done and do better work by taking vacations.


The Secret to Getting New Volunteers | Van Metschke

Van talks about the secret to getting new volunteers on your church tech team. How do you get them then how do you keep them?

Earning the Band’s Respect | Jason Castellente

Jason talks about how to get your worship team to respect you and value your opinion as a tech worker.


Codes and Secret Handshakes | Justin Wise

Justin talks about mobilizing your congregation as fanatics for your organization – getting them to communicate with codes and secret handshakes.

Cutting, Slicing, and Editing | Jonathan Malm

Jonathan talks about the importance of editing every bit of communication inside your church – from the message to the bulletin to the website.

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