August 2013: Creating Space

Posted on August 01, 2013.

Author: Jonathan Malm

Creative Process

Creating Space | Phil Bowdle

Phil Bowdle talks about the importance of creating space in our worship services for folks to connect with God and hear from Him.

The Challenger | Jason Dyba

What role does playing the devil’s advocate play in the creative process? And how can you play that role without coming across as a jerk?


Seeing Through the Space Junk | Paul Snyder

How do you see clearly through so many graphic design projects and other things pulling at your attention? Paul Snyder explores some ideas.

Captain’s Log | Joe Cavazos

Joe Cavazos talks about the importance of visual artists keeping good portfolios. It’s more than just getting ready to look for a new job.


Alien Language in Worship | Jonathan Malm

How does the language in worship affect how newbies relate to our services? Are we speaking their language or keeping them out of the experience?

Time Travel | Russ Ware

How do you use old songs in worship well? Should you constantly use the newest worship songs or should you do a bit of time travel in your worship services?


Dealing with Immaturity | Jenni Catron

Jenni Catron talks about dealing with immaturity as a leader. How do you deal with the immaturity both in you and in those working with you?

Crossing Your Fingers | Rick Calcutt

How do you recover from failure as a leader – when at times it’s easy to lose the trust of those you lead?


Starting from Scratch | Jason Castellente

There are times that every tech leader would like starting from scratch – new system, new people, new building… But what can you do now?

Preparing for Disasters | Duke DeJong

What should you be doing to start preparing for disasters in your tech ministry at your church? Duke DeJong explores the topic.


Communicating in a Vacuum | Jason Otis

How do we go about communicating in a vacuum?

One Small Step for Man | Justin Wise

Justin Wise talks about how to elicit a response, or call to action, from your church congregations.

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