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What’s the logo about?
It’s about the moment you sit down to start planning Sunday services. You have your word processor open. You type out “Sunday”. Then the text indicator is flashing, waiting for your next move. What will you be doing this Sunday? Sunday| Mag is all about the creative process behind moving that text indicator forward.

What makes Sunday| different than a blog?
I’ve been blogging for a few years. It’s hard. You have to pull out your A game every day. The truth is…you end up phoning it in a bunch. I want to give writers a chance to write just one thing for the month to share. We’ll be working together on crafting these articles and they’ll be top notch.

What makes Sunday| different than other magazines?
Sunday| is free. And the goal of the magazine isn’t to pump advertisements your way. (Though there will be ads.) The goal is to encourage and give you a chance to raise the level of creativity at your church. It isn’t just about one segment of church creativity. It’s a holistic look at the creativity of a church service. It won’t be tech related. And it won’t be tutorials. It will be about the philosophy of creativity as it relates to church services.

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