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Author: Adrian Campos

Low Hanging Fruit to Take Your Creativity to the Next Level (Part 2)

In part one of this two part article, I touched on the low hanging fruit that can yield greater results because of your planning. How you organize and prepare can help set in motion the creative projects in your ministry. Here’s some more specifics areas where you can easily take your creativity to the next level. Graphic Design: I’ve used Photoshop since it was available for install on floppy disk, but because I’m not a trained graphic designer I often lean on graphic subscriptions to spur my creativeness when designing. CreationSwap, Graceway Media and similar subscriptions allow me to find...

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Low Hanging Fruit to Take Your Creativity to the Next Level

As I sat down with my cup of coffee and a few ideas for this article, it dawned on me… What is your next creative level and what easy wins/steps can we take to achieve them? Suddenly this article, seemingly easy to begin writing, brought me deeper into a more over arching “how to” than a few low hanging fruits.  However, I know what you want to hear, “Give me the nitty gritty to move on from the creative slump that I’m having,” but before we get to the easy wins, let’s talk through what your own creative level is,...

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