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Author: Becka Gruber

Finding Your Personal Style

Having a unique aesthetic is a challenge for (almost) all of us. Realistically, if someone has not carved out time to define and hone in on their personal aesthetic, they don’t typically have one. Having a very recognizable aesthetic is a must for certain types of designers. For example, an editorial illustrator. Their clients want to have a good grasp on what the look and feel of a piece will be before they are contracted out to do the work. This is the same for most interior designers as well. Warning Having your own unique (recognizable) style is good until...

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Why Design Matters

The parts of the Bible that define God as Creator are of particular interest to me, because I am in a creative field. There are literally hundreds of Scriptures that refer to God as a maker and creator – in both large and small scale context. And when God asked someone to create something, there was a thorough line of vision, organization, and detailed direction (see Exodus 25, supplies and directions for the Tabernacle just as a case in point). What I really love about these references is God is kind of the “ultimate creative director”. He doesn’t speak...

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Appeals Don’t Work, but Campaigns Do

Our brains are hard-wired to match things. People are comforted by familiarity. Repetition can lead to understanding and memory. Some things need to be repeated. One of the most important things a communication team can master is identifying if an upcoming initiative is a campaign or an appeal. Some things need to be repeated. An appeal is a “one off” ask. Appeals are often very ineffective, normally last minute, and lacking strategy and memorability. A good example of an appeal would be a holiday food drive with no existing brand equity, which won’t be repeated. Or maybe it’s just...

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RIP Office

35% of people in professional and related occupations did some or all of their work remotely (either at home, in a coffee shop, or in a co-working environment) in 2015. I am excited to see how much this number goes up in 2016 with appealing co-ops like We Work and Weld popping up everywhere. There is a growing movement of #workhardanywhere, and if your team hasn’t experimented with working out of the office yet, here are some reasons to start. More Productivity Studies show “at home workers” are actually (surprise) much more productive. There are fewer conversations that lead...

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Picking the Perfect Color(s) for Your Design

Content may be king, but according to Kissmetrics, 85% of shoppers base their decision on color alone. As a designer, it’s critical to pick the right color palette for the next sermon series, ministry brand, or church campaign. Shareable information requires images to catch viewers’ attention (including the right color choices). I believe that designers should discipline themselves in color theory as much as possible. But most designers don’t have the time to dive into color theory and pick an analogous, triadic, or split-complementary color scheme off a wheel. So instead of this article focusing on the psychological effects...

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