About Becky Ykema

Becky Ykema is a worship leader/vocal director at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. Becky has released three independent albums and is working on a fourth album, a collaborative project of hymns. Music Page. Twitter. Facebook.

Articles from Becky Ykema

Developing More than the Musician

Posted by Becky Ykema on May 01, 2014
It's easy to focus our practices and interactions with our bands around developing musicians musically. But how do we grow more than just musical prowess? Read more...

Dealing with Irresponsibility

Posted by Becky Ykema on March 01, 2014
How do you deal with irresponsibility in talented musicians on your team? Read more...

The Nature of a Worshiper

Posted by Becky Ykema on November 01, 2013
Knowing the nature of the worshipers in your congregation can help you lead them more effectively. Read more...

Turning Up Your Volume

Posted by Becky Ykema on March 01, 2013
Becky Ykema explores introverts in worship. How do introverted worship leaders overcome a personality that sometimes holds them back? Read more...

The Secret Power of Words

Posted by Becky Ykema on January 01, 2013
Becky Ykema explores the power of words in our worship leading. How do the words we speak between the songs affect the worship experience? Read more...

The Dream Worship Leader

Posted by Becky Ykema on November 01, 2012
What makes a great worship leader? How can you become the worship leader pastors and executives deeply trust and want to keep around? Read more...

Men, Women, and Distractions in Worship

Posted by Becky Ykema on June 01, 2012
Becky Ykema explores gender roles in worship. This is a fun look at men, women, and distractions to the worship experience. Read more...

Teaching Your Band Simplicity

Posted by Becky Ykema on March 01, 2012
Learn the art of simple worship. Teaching your band to play simply can enhance the worship set and the environment of your services. Read more...

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