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Author: Ben Stapley

10 Steps to Building a Photo Team at Your Church

My desire is to help you create and capture moving and memorable moments. Today I want to give you 10 steps to build a photo team at your church. Now you might not work in the church or non-profit world but don’t worry, if you lead or work with volunteer and professional photographers, these steps will apply to you. The reason we want to build a photo team is because the church has the most important message to communicate – that everyone is unfathomably loved by God. So the church needs the best communication tools to convey that message....

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Training & Recruiting Interns: Best Practices

Internships are great ways to find and develop your future church staff. When done right, you can have a lasting impact on the kingdom by the way you develop and mentor the up­and­coming church leaders of tomorrow. Let’s learn some best practices on how your church can train up the next generation of leaders. 1. Write A Description ­ This might seem obvious but I still have to state it. Job descriptions benefit staff, volunteers and interns. They also benefit the organization. Job descriptions give all parties clarity about what the partnership will look like and what is expected...

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7 Tips to Nail the Video Testimony Interview

Many churches use video testimonies in their services to tell powerful stories of redemption and restoration. Stories of God at work. These types of personal and intimate stories work best between friends – when the interviewer and interviewee know each other well.  Having a friend conduct the interview allows for authenticity and vulnerability. But often times the friend isn’t experienced in the craft of interviewing. So here are 7 tips to help train and prepare any unseasoned interviewer.   1 – Retractable Statements Before you hit record, let your subject know that they are allowed to retract any statements...

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8 Tips for Processing Communication Requests

Processing communications and creative requests within the church can feel like navigating a minefield. This collaborative process involves limited resources, conflicting agendas, and a subjective subject matter. Below are a couple of steps to help ensure artists and communicators are empowered to help the church accomplish its vision. Partners Not Clients Move away from calling those you serve clients and towards calling them partners. “Clients” communicates a cold relationship based on professionalism. In this relationship model, the artist is a resource to accomplish a task. Partner communicates a collaborative relationship based on teamwork. In this model, the artist feels...

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12 Best Practices for Sermon Bumper Videos

You’ve seen sermon series bumper videos, even if you didn’t know what they were. They’re the videos played before a message to introduce the topic. Or more tactically, they can give campuses that utilize video teaching a chance to lower their screens before the message. Bumper videos should also be used creatively and promotionally. But this type of production work is a big financial investment. You want to make sure they’re effective. Below are some best practices to help ensure you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to bumper videos. They Should Draw the Audience In 1....

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21 Best Practices for Filming Video Testimonies

Many churches use video testimonies in their services to tell stories of redemption and restoration. They’re stories of God at work. These types of personal stories work best between friends, when the interviewer and interviewee know each other well. Having a friend conduct the interview allows for authenticity and vulnerability. But often times a friend isn’t experienced in this craft. Below are a number of helpful suggestions to help train and prepare unseasoned interviewers. Pre-Interview Explain that the video will be shared in the service and online to reach as many people as possible with their powerful story. Sharing this...

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11 Steps to Running a Great Worship Team Audition

Running a great audition sets the tone for years of partnership with a band member. Taking the time to think it through and execute it well lays a solid foundation of trust to build upon. Below are some pointers that I have learned over the years that help run a great audition. Eliminate Question Marks Whether you’re a seasoned singer or green player, showing up for an audition can be scary. As the person conducting the audition, you want to minimize nerves as much as possible. A calm auditionee will sing or play better than a nervous one. Their...

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9 Tips for Writing Better Announcements

Every week your church has opportunities to make an eternal impact on people. And every Sunday these opportunities can be missed because the announcements were presented poorly. Below are some practical pointers to help equip your congregation to make a difference in their lives and the lives around them by writing great announcements. Change the Name Instead of calling them announcements, call them opportunities. We made this shift about 5 years ago and it was a game-changer for us. It changed the way we communicate. Our writing used to be boring, need-based, and insider-focused. Changing the name helped us write...

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