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Author: Brennan Loveless

War, Propaganda, and Art

As history has shown us, people’s mindsets can and have been swayed through the use of art as a cultural agent of change. Specifically in times of war, countries have used art and designed propaganda to bolster support for a their cause. If you live in the United States you’ve probably seen a few wartime posters in history books. But how does this history apply to those of us who work in churches? Before we get to that let’s look at a few examples. Propaganda Propaganda is “the organized dissemination of information, allegations, etc, to assist or damage the...

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Learning from Fools

I’ve been called an idiot. But there’s something about the word ‘fool’ that feels harsher. To me, it sounds like a word that you save for those who belong in an upper tier of stupidity – people that you might even think are a little crazy. But as history has shown us, people who were once regarded as fools are sometimes revealed to be geniuses. As this issue of Sunday| Mag comes out on the holy holiday of April Fool’s Day, let’s look at some people who were once given the honor of being called fools. The Wright Brothers...

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The Death of Rock and Roll in the Church

Look at the popular Top 40. How many of those songs sound like Coldplay and U2? Three? Four? But the majority of churches turn every song into a Coldplay or U2 song. We even do covers of their songs to start our services. So here’s the question: Does our worship reflect the shifting musical preferences of our culture? Should it? Do we show the same amount of innovation and creativity as the music industry does? As a worship leader, I had to examine my church when I thought about those questions. Does our worship reflect the shifting musical preferences...

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Free Media You Should Know About

Before reading, click here and ‘Like’ If you’re into downloading thousands of high quality free church graphics, logos, photos and more, visit  – This article is a bit older. Check out our updated list of free visual media resources here!  –  – Start your engines and get ready to download, peeps! We’re hitting the free media resource piñata hard and sharing a ton of sites full of free media for churches. Clear space on your hard drive and check out the goodies below: 1. Creation Swap is one of the better-known free (and for purchase) media resource sites....

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Worship Album Reviews

Bethel Music – The Loft Sessions Comfortable. Refreshing. Unique. These are three words that describe Bethel Music’s album The Loft Sessions. With accessible songs that are creative and thoughtful, The Loft Sessions is a welcomed departure from the commonplace, over-produced albums so common nowadays. There are so many musical textures in this album that can’t go unnoticed: the multiple harmonies, interesting use of percussion, hand-clapping, and acoustic guitars. At first glance this album might appear to have a simplistic approach, but it’s quite the opposite. Lyrically and vocally this album is one of the strongest I’ve heard in a while....

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