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Author: Brian Mann

3 Questions to Ask Your Team Each Sunday

Creativity is a form a problem solving. And research suggests there are two ways we try to solve problems and generate ideas: convergent thinking and divergent thinking. Convergent thinking is based in the idea that there exists one single, correct answer to any given problem. This answer has metrics. It works. Convergent thinkers tend to see black-and-white scenarios with right-or-wrong answers. They don’t like brainstorming (storms leave a mess). They want to find a solution they know will work. Divergent thinkers are the opposite. They’re unconventional. They explore ideas that seem unrelated but which spark new solutions we’ve never considered....

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Why Visual Storytelling Matters in the Church

We live in a golden age of storytelling. As the volume of online content has exploded around us, clamoring for our attention and reaction – story remains the way our minds process information in our continual quest for meaning. More and more research confirms this – that our brains are instinctively drawn to information when it’s framed in a narrative. Whether we’re watching a commercial, a political ad, or a TED talk, well-told stories win our attention every time. We also live in a golden age of visuals. Cisco projects that by 2020, over 75 percent of the world’s mobile...

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3 Things Creatives Need to Hear from Their Leaders

“Your job here is to make us look good.” It was my first week on staff at a large church when I heard these words from my new boss. The words were delivered with a smile, half-jokingly, but with an air of truth. It got my attention. After all, this church was well known for its culture of excellence, attended by high achievers, staffed with professionals. I was the new kid in town, young and eager to impress my teammates. I took the message to heart and got to work. And I worked like crazy. Weekend after weekend, project...

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