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Author: Camron Ware

The Generation Gap

My passion is visual worship. I get to travel around the country and help churches use standard projectors as a visual worship tool in their services – environmental projection. Whenever I start the conversation with churches about incorporating visual worship into their services and on their walls, they always ask the same question: “Won’t this distract the older folks in our church?” Many church workers have the false perception that visual media is for the young people – that older folks don’t respond well to the “new technology”. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. For centuries, churches...

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Distractions in Lights and On Screen

As I write this, I’m being distracted.  My phone’s pinging, the TV’s calling, and of course the new email notifications keep popping up. I don’t think you will find anyone who doesn’t want to minimize distractions in our worship services. But what does that really mean? How do you even attempt to do that in our technology-saturated, visual-stimulating, phone-won’t-stop-vibrating world? When we gather corporately to worship God, that time is sacred and holy.  It’s a time to stop thinking about what your coming week has in store and really be free to worship unhindered – in whichever way that...

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Lighting Color Theory

Before reading, click here and ‘Like’ If you’re into downloading thousands of high quality free church graphics, logos, photos and more, visit   Color impacts. However, in all my experience with worship and church services, I see so many occasions where the importance of color theory is quickly brushed aside–most of the time unintentionally. One word describes the impact of color theory in worship: emotion. What does that color make you feel? What does this color make you think?  Why? Step back and look at the secular world: there’s a reason companies use certain colors in marketing...

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