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Author: David Clark

Why Social Media Matters So Much for the Church

At each and every turn, we are bombarded by social media. In today’s culture especially, we have instant access to the lives and opinions of celebrities, politicians, and even our neighbor’s new baby… And for good reason! (Well, maybe not the new baby part – but, you do you.) It’s easy to set up our corner of the social media sphere and fill it with content that is meaningful and important to us. It takes very little of our time to be connected to the rest of the world and start adding our thoughts. So it goes without saying that...

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The 2 Best Uses of Social Media for Your Church

It’s 2016, so chances are high that your church is on social media. (If not, stop reading this right now and go create a Facebook page for your church!) Hopefully you’re even utilizing several different social media platforms to communicate. I’m sure your church has plenty of groups, classes, and events to promote through these channels. I’m also sure there’s no shortage of information you can share about service times and children’s programs and student camps and worship nights and everything in between. All of these things are good. People need to know about the next big event. Guests...

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Managers vs. Leaders

Perhaps you have a paid staff team, or a group of volunteers, or maybe even both. It’s such a privilege to have people following you! But it needs to be treated that way. In the many years I’ve spent in church ministry as both a leader and a follower, I have worked alongside individuals who function like managers and those who act like leaders. It’s a very fine line between the two, but it’s a pattern that I’ve noticed over and over again. As the distinction has become clearer in my mind, I’ve come to understand that I’d rather...

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4 Alternatives to Traditional Meetings

Meetings. That’s not most people’s favorite word, but when they’re done well, they can be very effective. But what if a meeting isn’t the best way to accomplish something? There are things you can do that might help your team better focus and work together. Here are a few to try… Get outside. Taking a meeting or a discussion outside makes it feel much less like a stereotypical meeting without doing much of anything. Most likely you work somewhere that has a parking lot or maybe even a trail or sidewalks close by. Take advantage of those things and...

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Qualities of an Effective Meeting

There’s a scary 7-letter word that most of us avoid like the plague. It’s a gross, time-sucking, boring word. The word? Meeting. I feel bad even typing it. Because it’s true! There is such a negative connotation toward this word in most of our ministry circles. Personally, I don’t think meetings themselves are bad. It’s how we approach and lead meetings… That’s the part that’s not-so-great most of the time. Here are a few thoughts I have on leading effective meetings… Meetings should be important. I realize that this is a subjective statement, because what is important to me...

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How I Wish Someone Would Lead Me

At some point or another, we’ve all had to follow a leader. Following is part of life and ministry. I’m sure sometimes we’ve followed willingly, and other times we’ve followed begrudgingly because we had to. Sometimes following was easy, and other times it was likely challenging. Sometimes those leaders were great, and other times… well, not so much. If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced all of the above. So what would I say to someone who’s in a position of leadership? If I could craft the perfect words to communicate what I want from a leader, what would...

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