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Author: Denny Weinman

Making Magic with 8-bit Technology

I think Steve Jobs created little monsters in all of us when he coined the phrase “one more thing”. It is the tech version of keeping up with the Joneses. We are constantly looking for new gear or exciting tech that is going to make life easier or better. Budgets are strained in today’s economy and, unfortunately, most churches don’t have the budget for one more thing. Most of us have to make due with what we have; and to be honest, that is okay. Most of the time technology is only 25% of the equation. The other 75%...

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Playing Pretend

Looking back on my childhood I should have been able to pinpoint my profession. There was always something I was building or taking apart. I usually took apart some toy that I had wanted – dismantling it to make some kind of non-functioning imaginary device. A small jewelry box, the tops to mechanical pencils, and colored thread became the workings of a stun gun/repelling mechanism/scanning device. That provided at least a days worth of entertainment before I was off inventing something else like a mad scientist. Children seem to have unending imaginary capacity. I just read an article about a...

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The Death of the Interior Decorator

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Interior Decorators. If you are one, I do not intend any malicious intent against you or your profession. The church has gone through many phases of design. Last month, I talked about how the original church was about people and relationships. There was not a physical building associated with the church. Shortly thereafter the church went through a phase where imagery was distinct and heavy in the church: stained glass, art work, frescos, and statues. Every form of imagery imaginable was used to cultivate worship in grandiose buildings meant to inspire your attention toward...

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Designing a Stage With What You Have

Before reading, click here and ‘Like’ If you’re into downloading thousands of high quality free church graphics, logos, photos and more, visit   I love to create beauty in black boxes. Stage design is an evolution within the Church to engage all the senses of its congregations. It’s something to create beauty and visual stimulation and assist in worshiping the Creator. It’s also something we’ve created to fill the black boxes – our sanctuaries. What we don’t stop and think about is that the first church didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. They met in homes. They...

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