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Author: Emily Cummins

5 Ways Leaders Unintentionally Discourage Creatives

There’s nothing quite like seeing a finished project in motion—your graphic re-posted for the millionth time on Instagram; your branding splashed across the homepage of the website; your script bringing life to the message roll-in video; your copy dancing across the published pages of a new brochure… Finished projects make our eyes sparkle and hearts pitter-pat with pride. And yet sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, a finished project is met with a sigh of relief, blood, sweat and tears…and a whole lot of coffee to mask a whole lot less sleep. We’re all human and, at times, we don’t best...

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Why You Matter in the Church

It was the Monday before Easter and I knew something in me had to change. After pushing snooze on my alarm for the millionth time, I grabbed my coffee and hustled out the door, ready to conquer the last-minute details prepping for Easter services kicking off at the church where I was working in just a few days. For the past few weeks, my life was overflowing with editing Easter invite cards, proofing mailers, developing social media strategies, equipping interns with the tools they needed to succeed, crafting announcement verbiage, attending rehearsals, visiting campuses, and recruiting photographers for the...

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Why Celebration is So Important in Leadership

This weekend life hit me like a ton of bricks. For the past three months, I’ve been running at mega speeds, all while seeing the holidays as my “light at the end of the tunnel.” I’d tell myself: Emily, just get to November. You’ll be okay. Work hard, play hard. You got this girl. And then November came and life didn’t slow down. One Saturday, I left brunch with a friend discouraged. So many great things had occurred over the past few months, yet I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything significant, anything of value. I felt depleted, and...

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The “You” That Exists Beyond Your Role

For 24 years, I believed my identity was equivalent to the title attached to my name. As a result, I sought just that: titles, position, and status. However, as I searched and worked my way into significance, I always fell short. No position satisfied the identity crisis brewing inside my heart. I was at the top of my game, great at my job, surrounded by friends, social media followers increasing, and yet, internally, I still struggled to know who the real me was. Was my identity truly the equivalent of the title I worked so hard to earn? Or...

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10 Unique Challenges Women in Leadership Face

If there is a challenge for all of us—male or female—it is to become who God made us to be. Regardless of gender, we all face challenges. The beauty of identifying and understanding our unique challenges lies within the understanding of them. When we understand the challenges, we can create a game plan to move forward. Knowing that the ultimate challenge for all of us is becoming who God made us to be, here are 10 challenges women face that you may have read about, heard debated, or even debated yourself. Challenge #1: Women are too emotional. Truth: We’re...

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