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Author: Eric Dye

Creating Tension in Your Marketing

Don’t you love a good cliffhanger? There’s nothing that compels me more to turn the page in a book like a chapter that ends with a good cliffhanger. They’ve done this with television for decades, and before that, they did it with radio serials. It was a surefire way to engage the audience and ensure they would return next week at the “same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.” Nearly every episode of Batman ended this way—you know, strapped down by explosives on top of a submerging submarine encircled by atomic sharks? I can only imagine Batman fans would talk about it...

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The Lies We Tell

Marketing is a funny thing. It requires a particular amount of spin that we have all come to live with, whether you notice it or not. Let’s be honest. Coca-Cola will never bring world peace, a MacBook won’t make everyone cool, and eating at McDonalds is hardly a healthy choice. There is a gap between marketing and reality. It is a reality we live with every day and hardly notice at all. We are sold promises that we will be prettier, happier, and healthier. But is any of it really true? When marketing meets church we have an interesting...

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