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Author: Jason Castellente

The Most Creative Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Jason Castellente

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got. That’s a popular saying around the church where I work. We believe we’ve been called to be in the center of the marketplace in the cities where we serve to make the name of Jesus Christ famous. We’ve been called to go into all the world and preach the message to every tribe and tongue and to find a way to reach everyone where they are. Unless we become creative and innovative in the ways we reach out and unless we do different things as a...

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3 Things To Get Better at This Year

Each year, we celebrate the opportunity to do new things and achieve new goals. Through that growth, we can accomplish things that we never thought were possible before. It’s safe to say none of us have achieved perfection. In fact, there are things we can all do to become better people and better tech leaders. Here are a few things I’ll be working on this next year. I’m willing to bet you could benefit from these things too. Better Communication One thing I’m beginning to think more about is how to communicate in a way that is best for...

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The Perfect Tech Worker

Everybody’s working for the weekend. But, as church leaders, we work hard during the week so we can work even more on the weekend. It’s not always easy, but we do it because we are passionate about it, and it’s our desire to reach people for Christ through the messages we communicate. Having a team that is strong and executes everything perfectly is important to the weekend’s success. But what does a perfect team look like in a tangible sense? What can you be doing as a leader to cultivate that in how you lead your team and how...

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5 Things You Should Never Do in the Tech Booth

Sometimes, we learn things the hard way. You did something you’ll never do again because you realized it was a bad decision, like giving a toddler a Sharpy in a room with white walls. Or things turned into a horrific mess, like blowing a “technical” red light. You know what I’m talking about, right? There are many more than just these, but here are five things you should never do in the tech booth. 1. Don’t talk trash on the Clearcom systems. Just don’t do it. It always ends badly. I don’t know what those headsets do to our...

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Connect with Your Gear

When I first started my personal blog, I was obsessed with writing about the latest and greatest stuff on the market. At that point in time, I was only mixing smaller format shows and didn’t have the slightest concept of lighting or video—except that I knew I was interested in it. Because of my personality, I’m most satisfied when I’m achieving something, doing something I haven’t done before, or being creative. So naturally, I became frustrated with the smaller gigs I was working on and longed for bigger and better things. I read everything I could get my hands...

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Christmas Killed the Tech

Cheasters. You know, the people who come to church on Christmas and Easter? It’s the two holidays that people tend to invite family members, friends, and others who would not normally come to church. And those folks show up for one reason or another. One thing that is almost always the case is that there’s extra weight and work resting on the shoulders of the technical team from those special events.  Unfortunately, the rest of your responsibilities don’t let up or slow down. And the pressure could easily crush or kill even the best techs unless you’re prepared. Here...

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Dropping the Ball

You’re probably a jack-of-all-trades to some extent. Everyone has his or her actual job description, but how often do you actually stick to that? Or even if you do stick to your job description, have your responsibilities expanded to the point that you simply cannot do everything on your plate? What happens when you have so much to do, you simply can’t? And then you drop the ball… I know there are a lot of you who feel that way. The church tech industry isn’t always the healthiest of work environments. You feel like you don’t have enough space...

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Starting from Scratch

At times we all wish we could start over. Start from scratch. Maybe our sound system is a mess. Maybe our stage is overwhelmed with wires. Perhaps we just don’t like our equipment and wish we could wipe the slate clean. Think of it as the blinking cursor like the one in the Sunday| Mag logo. Or think of it as a blank piece of paper with a big box of crayons just waiting to be used. We might think when we see that we’re starting from scratch.  But, are we really starting from scratch? Or are your preconceived...

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Hiding in the Trenches

We have our weeks where things go great and we have weeks where things go…not so great. There are a number of feelings and emotions that come into play once something happens and they differ from person to person and from team to team. But, one thing’s for sure, we can’t just hide in the trenches; it’s something we have to deal with as a good tech team leader. How can we do things better and deal with these situations better? Criticism is a difficult thing to deal with. A leader at National Community Church once told me, “Being...

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Tech as Part of the Story

Two guys walk into a Starbucks. They grab their coffee and sit down. One pulls out a book to read and flips to the first page. The second guy pulls out a tablet and quickly loads up the first page of the book. Question: which version communicates the message better? Exactly…they both communicate just as well. But their methods and mediums are different. It’s based on personal preference, needs, flexibility, and availability. Just because one is more traditional and the other is more technical, does not mean that it does not communicate as well as the other. What matters...

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Earning the Band’s Respect

There’s an invisible problem in many of our church services. It’s a division that can happen, even in a perfectly executed service. The congregation won’t notice it, and even the pastor might not. But, it’s in the atmosphere; in the relationship between the worship band and the production team. Maybe it started with a misunderstanding – a misperceived or an undeserved harsh word – but a chasm has begun to form between two people and two ministries that should be working hand-in-hand. It’s a common part of ministry that should not be. How can we more proactive about earning...

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When Nightmares Come True

I was treating it like a typical service, even though we had some special guests.  When I do that, my team performs more consistently. They just do what they always do. But what was about to happen was very unusual. At National Community Church, our Saturday night services are quite unique compared to our other services. It’s when we record our sermon video, which we turn around that night and deploy to our campuses.  This video is then viewed by those in attendance in several movie theaters around the DC area the following morning. It’s also the video and...

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