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Author: Jason Dyba

Jason Dyba: My One Thing

For this month’s Sunday| Mag articles, we asked some of our favorite writers this one question: What’s one thing you’ve been learning all year long that you’d like to share with Sunday| Mag’s readers? In this article, Jason Dyba talks about creating great work and getting it out to the masses—detailing even how he got one of his worship songs on Chris Tomlin’s newest album. One of the highlights for me in 2014 was that one of my longtime inspirations, Chris Tomlin, heard a song I had written and considered including it on his album. This particular piece, entitled “In...

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The Danger in Corporate Christianity

The title of this article is ripe for the cynical picking. I would gamble that, by even reading this article, you’ve already developed a strong opinion regarding mega-churches with regional directors and quarterly reports. You’re likely familiar with the conferences where Jesus and John Maxwell are quoted equally. Undoubtedly, you’ve been in conversations where Steve Jobs and Apple have been used as examples for trying a bold new approach in your ministry area. You may be familiar with phrases like “the franchised church” and “professional Christianity”. I bet you either hate or love Andy Stanley. And however you feel...

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Developing the Right Networking Skills

I’m pretty terrible at networking. When it comes to music and technology, I’m usually an early adopter. However, when it comes to branching out into new relationships, I’m like my Grandma Evelyn who still pays for As fulfilling as my relationships are, I’m often a skeptic on the front end. Heck, I dread meeting people who I, myself, sought out to meet. What if they’re super awkward? What if one of their eyes is lazy and I can’t decide which one to focus on? What if we meet for coffee and the venue is so loud that I...

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The Challenger

There’s a YouTube video that people in my church will often email to me. You’ve probably gotten it, too. The email subject lines are always something like “This is amazing!” or “We’ve gotta show this in church!” The video is of a guy named Wintley Phipps who explains how almost all Negro spirituals are built on the black keys of the piano (in other words, the Pentatonic scale). He then proceeds to explain how “Amazing Grace”; the most famous of all hymns, was written by John Newton who, as many know, was once a slave trader. And thus, Mr. Phipps very eloquently...

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Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Let’s take it back to 2007. Good ole “W” was still rocking the White House, the iPhone was first introduced to us, Jason Bourne was in his Ultimatum state; both the world economy and The Office were in good standing. It was a beautiful time. Me? I had just begun working as a church musician, doing my best Chris Tomlin impersonation and singing “You lift us up on winggggggs liiiiiike eeeeeeeaglesss” in the shower each morning. On most weekends at my church, I would play keyboards and switch to acoustic guitar when it was my turn to lead a song. I...

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Light and Darkness

Jesus wept. For nearly all my life, I’ve been confounded by this notion: God’s perfect choice to feel as Man feels, the crushing grief of losing a friend, and the struggle of simultaneously knowing eternal hope and temporal despair. Why would divinity choose to weep? What, within all infinite understanding, leads one willingly to suffer? And if God would embrace this momentary darkness, what does that mean for us? At the time I am writing this, my life is in a new season, albeit one of sorrow and reflection. A few weeks ago my pastor announced to our church...

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Small is the New Big

Growing up, one of my role models was a man named Mr. Joe…GI Joe. He and all his buddies continuously catapulted me into a state of imagination and action for hours on end. By the time I’d acquired five GI Joe figures, I realized that the “good guy” and “bad guy” teams were unbalanced. So I asked and eventually received one more GI Joe. Then a second realization came to me – six was definitely better than five. And if this was true, seven would be better than six. So I asked for another. Soon seven became eight, eight...

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