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Author: Jesse Wisnewski

How to Quickly Create a Communication Strategy for Your Church

Reaching people with your message is easier said than done. The people you are trying to reach are bombarded with a slew of messages every day. From text messages and emails to social media and advertisements, they are swimming in a sea of information. To cut through this clutter and rise above the noise, you don’t need an uber creative idea or a multi-million dollar budget. All your church needs is a communication strategy. Here are four questions you need to answer to develop a communication strategy for any event.   #1. What do I need to share? The first...

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7 Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your Sermon Throughout the Week

Do you ever feel as if your sermon does not live beyond your church’s parking lot? If so, then you are not alone. This is a common struggle for most pastors and a tremendous burden. As a pastor, it can be difficult to experience the joy of preaching. Most pastors spend 10-18 hours every week preparing for their sermon. Add on top of this visitations, counseling, and everything in between, preparing for your sermon can be challenging. What is more, after preaching, it can feel like the message you delivered is overshadowed by the lunchtime hunger pangs of your...

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