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Author: Josh Blankenship

Using Creativity to Make Generosity Part Of Your Culture

I often sit and ponder what the world would look like if God wasn’t interested in creativity. He could have simply created a flat, boring environment that simply sustained life. Instead He chose to create mountains, incredible colors, vast oceans, unique animals, beautiful patterns, and a simply amazing world to live in. He could have created a plain yet functional world, but He chose to give us a world full of beauty and awesomeness. That is truly what inspires me to use the gifts God has given me to be creative. There have been times when I’ve wanted to...

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How to Get Perspectives Instead of Ideas

Have you ever experiences this? You work for hours on a creative project and then sent if off to a couple of people for their input; one person says, “I love that color”, but the response from the other person is, “I hate that color.” We’ve all had moments in our creative careers just like this. Early in my journey, I was so concerned with what people thought and how good they thought my designs were that it ended up sucking my creative juices dry. It’s not that getting input is bad; it’s that getting the wrong type of...

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What Images Potential Visitors Need to See

As our churches move digital, it is more important than ever to let potential visitors see what your church is like. A potential guest’s first contact with your church will most likely be through the visuals they see on social media or your website. Online content has evolved tremendously over the past few years, and that makes it easier than ever for churches to communicate who they are and what they are about. But with great power comes great responsibility. The success of your website and social media channels doesn’t depend on simply posting any picture or video you...

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Utility Trumps Beauty

We live in a filtered generation. Heck, many girls get their tans from adding Instagram filters to their photos. We are obsessed with getting the right look for the least amount of work. This cultural phenomenon of quick fixes affects designers. It’s just so easy to make something beautiful. But a clear message is harder. For those of us who design for the church world our job is especially difficult. We absolutely must focus on the message and clarity without sacrificing the design that makes people stop and take notice. For most of my life, I watched a church...

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10 Out of Office Places to Spark Your Creativity

Sometimes ideas come easy, and sometimes you really have to work hard to find them. Inspiration can hit you in the weirdest places. Being a creative in a church environment can be a challenge. Sunday’s always coming. And no matter what time of year or what sermon series your church is in, it’s your job to be ready to transform simple concepts into clear and creative ideas. Every now and then we are going to hit a creative wall. No matter how many brilliant ideas you’ve had in the past, you’ll need that extra spark of inspiration at some...

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Prioritizing Your Graphic Awesomeness

Most church designers fight the daily battle of design priority. With so many ministries needing design work to help accomplish their objectives, it can be a never-ending battle for the church designer. A typical day might include finalizing a project for one ministry, working on a concept for another, and checking the print status of yet another design piece. With so many things happening in the daily life of a designer, learning how to prioritize that work can be a challenge for any church creative. Using your time wisely and choosing to work on the right projects is a vital...

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Putting Wind in Your Designer Sails

I remember the first time I was asked to create a graphic for a new sermon series at my church. I was giddy and excited to take a simple concept and turn it into a visual masterpiece. I worked tirelessly for weeks to get it just right. I asked my friends and family what they thought. I tweaked the design over and over until I knew I had it just right. It was the perfect color balance. The perfect font. The perfect way for me to launch my career as a creative. Sunday rolled around and I started to...

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5 Design Styles Every Church Should Know About

For the first part of my career in ministry and design, I largely paid no attention to the style I used. After all, I wear flip-flops literally all the time (including during snow storms). So what did I really know about style? Looking back, I realize I missed a huge opportunity to better communicate with my audience. When I first began dabbling in the ancient art of Photoshop, I simply put all kinds of elements together and hoped, in the end, I could get them to look okay. I missed out on style. The word “style” often gets a...

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10 Lesser-Known Churches Doing Cool Things

Do you ever feel lost and alone as a church worker? I know I’ve felt that way before. Maybe you’ve felt like no one else is going through what you’re going through, or maybe you see the success of other large churches and you think you’ll never make it. Every once in awhile, I like to break away from looking at some of the incredible mega churches around the world and find some lesser-known churches who are winning and being incredibly creative. Here are ten of those lesser-known churches doing really innovative stuff we could all learn from. Mosaic...

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The False God of Creativity

I used to really believe that being creative in church was about creating the most intense video, the sweetest graphics, and the most high-five worthy worship experiences. Over the last few years I have come to realize how incredibly wrong I was. I wasn’t creating to tell a better story or communicate the gospel in new ways. I was creating to be cool. I wasn’t creating to tell a better story or communicate the gospel in new ways. I was creating to be cool. But before you point your finger at me and tell me how selfish and ungodly...

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