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Author: Josh White

Fail Your Art Class

There are things that weigh us down, and thing that keep us grounded. When creating authentic art, we must always ask ourselves, “what do I need to cut off, and what keeps me grounded?”

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Why Your Unwanted Building is Your Greatest Asset

I remember having this love/hate relationship with worship space. We have a space that seats around 250 people. The 70’s-style wood paneling covers more than two thirds of the walls in the room. There’s this strange disconnect from the stage to the congregation – the stage is a little too high, so they have to look up at me during the worship service. The hardest part is that the stage was originally constructed to be a school auditorium for plays. Because of that, I run into constant problems fitting things onto the stage, making it look clean, etc. Sounds...

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Are You Creating or Doing Artistic Recycling?

I work with a bunch of artists at a church in San Francisco. Once you walk these streets long enough, you’ll begin to understand how ministry done here is quite opposite of that done in suburbia. In this city of Fitbit wearing, wine drinking, Sunday brunching citizens, the language of Christianese is non-existent. The evangelical church is in the shadows of tech start-ups and individualistic freedom. And the church seems like the last place you would go to find artistic inspiration. And yet, I walk these streets with the mindset of resetting the world of artistic Christianity in San...

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