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Author: Justin Dean

Keep Your Leaders Informed with a PR Brief

It is important to manage your church’s reputation, so that you can be the most effective at reaching the community around you and online with the gospel. To do this you need to always know what the perception of your church is, both inside and outside of the church. Using various tools and methods, the communications team at your church should be monitoring news sites, blogs, social media, comment threads, forums, and other internet sites for mentions of the church, its pastors, and topics relevant to the church. Those mentions can then be vetted, researched, and when necessary, added...

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How Much Communication is Too Much Communication?

Have you ever known someone who talks too much? Perhaps it’s a colleague or vendor. You probably go out of your way to avoid them. Maybe you prefer to communicate with them via email, rather than talk on the phone. Personally I hate phone calls altogether. People call me insensitive when they hear me say that, but I find phone calls to be intrusive, inconvenient, and usually quite inefficient. The worst is when I ask someone a question via email, and they call me to talk about it. Or the sales person who calls every day to follow up...

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Preparing Your Church for Bad Publicity

If you are a Bible-preaching, Jesus-loving church, chances are you are going to come across some bad publicity from time to time. That’s what happens when your message challenges everything the world around you holds dear. People don’t like to be told that they are sinners who need a savior, and the media—whether it be a local blog, a church member with a Twitter account, or the New York Times—loves to stir up trouble any chance they get. These days it’s impossible for a church to avoid controversy. Even the most watered down churches are susceptible to bad publicity....

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