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Author: Kevin Ely

Stop Being Unbelievably Creative

This is the story of how our creative team tried to ride a manatee to the moon. The assignment was simple: a short promo illustrating the multisite model of our church. We have had multiple campuses for more than a decade, but there were so many new people coming that it was an appropriate time for a reminder of how this whole “one church, multiple locations” thing works. It seemed like a no-brainer. So we assigned the piece to one of our most talented filmmakers with one charge: don’t make it boring. I remembered saying as I sat in...

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The Nature of an Artist

You know the guy. The artist. The mad genius. The eccentric. The wild card. That guy on your team that has crazy talent, incredible ideas, and no sense of time. He’s five minutes late for everything. He barely seems to be paying attention sometimes. When he starts a project, he disappears for long stretches, and doesn’t seem to make any progress… then just as you’re about to pull plan B out of your pocket, he delivers the most beautiful piece of work you’ve ever seen. He’s frustrating. The project manager wants to strangle him, but it’s worth it because...

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