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Author: Mat Crisp

The Postures of Worship

I don’t know about you, but I can quickly pick up on a worship leader’s approach and posture. If it’s a positive experience and the worship leader is leading from a place of confidence and rootedness in Christ, we’re having church! However, the experience goes negative for me when the worship leader’s posture is rooted in self and performance. You can probably tell when someone is just pushing through the songs they’ve chosen – just making sure it looks and sounds good. You can see when someone is performing their set list and when someone is fully relying on the Spirit’s power to guide and lead them. Their...

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Dealing with Distracted Worshipers

I don’t want to try to give you the “Top 7 Things to Help Minimize Distractions” article, because in all honesty, we all do things so differently as leaders that it’s nearly impossible to mention them all. I think we all just need simple reminders and a re-focus at times. Our primary role as worship leaders should be about the Gospel – its implications in our lives and in the lives of those we lead. Our primary role is not what technology we’re using in our gatherings or what songs we’re singing. It’s not how smoothly our services run...

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Making Congregational Singing Awesome

I am not sure the type of church you grew up in, but most of the churches I grew up in were singing churches. Congregational singing was an important value. Why? Because it’s important to gather to proclaim the name of Jesus, and because I believe it’s clear in the Scriptures. It was something that I always loved about the churches I grew up in. Now, if I were being honest, there were some days that it was far more emotional than spiritual, but that’s a discernment issue for another day. #theologymatters We can track congregational singing all the...

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How to Get Your Musicians to Practice

Before we dive in, I want to clarify two things. First, practice is not rehearsal, and rehearsal is not practice. They are different and we need to know how and why. Practice is personal. It’s done away from the times you’re with a band or group of other musicians or singers. It’s those times we set aside to hone our crafts and strengthen our “chops”. To me, it’s much like our personal devotion times with the Lord. If your devotional life was only done in public and in a place where you wanted to be seen, I would push...

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How to Discipline a Worship Team Member

In many of today’s churches, it’s no secret that a worship pastor is asked to wear multiple hats. The list of responsibilities seems to grow by the year. But with this growing trend, it’s important to note that while different items may be added to our portfolios, there are primary functions existing in our roles that may not often receive our attention. And in many cases, especially when it comes to discipleship and pastoral work, disregard for those primary functions (one of which I’ll be addressing momentarily) can lead to an eroded ministry foundation. Without Gospel rooted disciples, the...

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2 Types of Learning You Need to Lead Worship

I grew up in a denomination that focused heavily on spiritual gifts and signs. The problem was that there often wasn’t balance. I believe in the gifts and the power of Christ and in His healing, but often, what it lacked was deep, sound, Gospel teaching. It missed out on theology that left you chewing on something. It tended to lean more heavily on certain things and probably not enough on the other doctrines of the Christian faith. So what I found when I grew older was that part of me was anemic in certain areas. I found myself...

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Introducing New Songs in Worship

I think its fair to say that we all love new music. Even if your church doesn’t introduce new songs very often, new worship music is refreshing and needed. For one, it’s a demonstration of the Spirit’s work. This in turn inspires songwriters across the globe to create and write songs for the big “C” church. The Psalmist writes in Psalm 96 to “sing a new song unto the Lord.” Plus, it helps those of us getting older feel as though we can still throw down with the latest Hillsong/Elevation/Planet Shakers/Bethel synth groove. I’m sort of kidding, but sort of not. However,...

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