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Author: Megan Watson

The 10 Steps to a Great Design

As a designer, I’ve come to understand that creating good design is more about being a creative problem solver than a great artist. While it is definitely my aim to be a great illustrator, photographer, and visual creator, a lot of my time is also spent carefully crafting my ability to listen perceptively to clients and develop a good understanding of their goals and creating solutions for them. After a lot of learning, here are 10 steps that can be applied to result in a great design: 1. Establish the basics. Good design comes from clear expectations. From the...

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How You See Yourself as a Designer

Admit it. We all struggle some days with certain aspects of ourselves. Some things we just don’t want to face about our inner workings and others we either ignore or try to change. As designers, there is usually quite a bit of internal struggle about who we are as artists. But at the end of the day, it is the most fun to just sit back and laugh at many of the idiosyncrasies that we deal with day in and day out. So, just for fun, what if our design-personalities were a job description? Check out the list below...

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Designing for Story

Practically everything we encounter in the world sends us a message. From a company logo to a spread in a magazine, each is an opportunity to tell a story. As designers, we can’t tell someone what to think or feel or do when they encounter one of our designs. But we can inspire them. We can create a snapshot and then let our audience fill in the rest with their imagination. We can create a snapshot and then let our audience fill in the rest with their imagination. When I was younger, one of my favorite pastimes was to...

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Creating with Crayons

I still remember the day I walked into the halls of middle school. I had apprehension and that strange sense of anticipation one only gets when they first walk into a place they know will change them from that moment onward. I recall searching around and soon finding out a new reality that lay within: lockers replaced my classroom desk, and the track and field took up the space where jungle gyms and slides used to sit. There was something stale about the moving “up” into the ranks of the older kids. After school started, I soon discovered art...

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