About Rick Calcutt

Rick has been in full-time ministry for more that 25 years; leading as Executive Pastor of Creative Arts for some well known mega churches with single and multisite campuses. Check out his new e-book, The Blame Game.

Articles from Rick Calcutt

Managing Expectations for the Creative Team

Posted by Rick Calcutt on August 22, 2014
How do you manage your church leadership's expectations for your creative ministry? Doing this can mean the difference between peace and war in ministry. Read more...

The End of Yelling

Posted by Rick Calcutt on March 01, 2014
Should yelling ever come from the mouth of a strong leader in the church? Read more...

How to Limit Those Under You

Posted by Rick Calcutt on December 01, 2013
As a leader, you must avoid the trap of being the creative ceiling for your team. Read more...

Crossing Your Fingers

Posted by Rick Calcutt on August 01, 2013
How do you recover from failure as a leader – when at times it's easy to lose the trust of those you lead? Read more...

The Volunteer Bodyguard

Posted by Rick Calcutt on May 01, 2013
Volunteers need bodyguards. How do you protect your volunteers from criticism and the different critics you'll come across as a church leader? Read more...

Work Less

Posted by Rick Calcutt on January 01, 2013
Rick Calcutt explores how important it is for church workers to work less. You'll actually get more done and do better work by taking vacations. Read more...

A Culture of Responsibility

Posted by Rick Calcutt on September 01, 2012
How do you foster a culture where people take responsibility for their actions? Answering this question can lead to better creativity and productivity. Read more...

Your Creative Team is Too Small

Posted by Rick Calcutt on July 01, 2012
Do we do our churches a disservice to have "creative" roles and "non-creative" roles? What if every staff member felt like they were creatives? Read more...

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