About Sheri Felipe

Sheri Felipe is a freelance graphic designer and writer (SheriFelipe.com), with a passion for branding and communications in the church. She currently lives with her husband in West Palm Beach, FL.

Articles from Sheri Felipe

3 Reasons Your Church Needs a Style Guide

Posted by Sheri Felipe on August 03, 2016
Does your church have a style guide? Creating one takes a lot of work, but it might be what's necessary to strengthen the brand of your church. Read more...

Applying the Power of “the Sell” to Design

Posted by Sheri Felipe on April 17, 2015
Sheri explores the idea of marketing and sales tactics that, when applied to graphic design, can make your designs more effective. Read more...

Surviving Last Minute Changes

Posted by Sheri Felipe on December 03, 2014
One of the things graphic designers hate the most is last minute changes. How do you avoid these, and how do you survive them when they inevitably happen? Read more...

Fundamentals of UX in Church Web Design

Posted by Sheri Felipe on August 18, 2014
User Experience (or UX) is a popular topic in the web design world. But how do we effectively apply concepts of UX to our church websites? Read more...

The Trojan Horse of Freedom

Posted by Sheri Felipe on June 01, 2014
Nearly every designer dreams of having complete freedom in their design process. Is this really a gift? Or is it a trojan horse that makes our jobs harder? Read more...

The End Result

Posted by Sheri Felipe on May 01, 2014
We have something important to communicate. How do we keep focus and ensure our message doesn't get lost in the swirl of creative ideas we generate? Read more...

Human Nature and the Web

Posted by Sheri Felipe on November 01, 2013
How do we connect with human nature through a very impersonal medium like the web? Read more...

Choosing Simplicity

Posted by Sheri Felipe on July 01, 2013
Simplicity is important in communication – especially in church communication where things can already be so complicated and messy. Read more...

Shrinking Your Web Footprint

Posted by Sheri Felipe on March 01, 2013
Over the years, you've done your best to put your church online. But do you know how big your web footprint has become? Do you have it under control? Read more...

What Your Community Wants to Read

Posted by Sheri Felipe on December 01, 2012
This article explores your church and social media. How do you effectively use this medium to engage with your community and make valuable relationships? Read more...

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