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Author: Will Doggett

Why Creative Worship Matters in the Church

Creativity in worship is essential. What’s your initial thought when you read that? Did you roll your eyes and think “another one of those articles”? Did you nod your head in agreement? No matter your response, it would help if I can clarify what I mean by “worship” in this context. For the sake of this article, I’m referring to worship as anything that happens in a service that the worship pastor/leader would plan and prepare. Essentially, music, things that happen between the music, and the order of the service. Now as far as creativity goes? What is it...

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What Your Team Can Do When There’s Friction with the Tech Team

Breaking up fistfights, silencing a yelling match, counseling through disagreements every week… No it’s not the latest episode of a daytime TV Soap Opera, those are all experiences I’ve experienced between a tech team and a band. Okay, full disclosure: I wasn’t there for the fistfight. But I heard it was epic, and I wish I was! Not since the Hatfield and McCoy’s has there been so much tension between two groups of people. It’s unfortunate. We should all be on the same team, working toward the same goal. But so often the band and the tech team just...

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Owning the Music

Every weekend around the globe, cover bands take the stage. The audience size may vary, but they all have one common goal: to lead people in worship. When was the last time you thought of your band as a cover band? A cover band, by definition, plays songs written by other people. Most worship bands play songs written by other people (despite the fact we call it a “worship team” and we’re “leading” the song). So what separates a worship band playing other people’s songs, from a cover band playing other people’s songs? Aside from the likely different end goal, it’s that the worship band...

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Are You Scaring Away New Team Members?

Moving to a new state brings loads of emotion and uncertainty. Are you going to like where you’re living? Will you make new friends? There’s nothing nicer than when you’re in the “new” and you feel welcomed. The truth is, it doesn’t take moving to a new state to be in that state of mind. Anything new can stir up those feelings and emotions. So how do new people feel at your church? How do the people that want to serve on your team feel about getting involved? Are you creating an environment that’s welcoming and encouraging, or are...

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Signs You Aren’t a Confident Worship Leader

I hate singing. Really, I do. I often say, “I’ve never-once in my life-actually enjoyed singing.” That’s potentially an odd thing coming from a guy who has a degree in Worship & Music Ministry, whose secondary instrument was Voice in college, and someone who has served lead worship in the role of lead vocalist. Why do I hate singing? Well, for one, I don’t really enjoy the sound of my voice. The timbre of my voice drives me crazy and my pitch isn’t the best. But it really all goes back to some negative comments one person (I can’t...

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Momentum in Worship

Have you ever sat in the audience during a speech or sermon where you observed speakers jump from point to point as you struggled to see the connections and grasp the overall theme? I tend to get a bit anxious for them. I know they can feel every eye staring at them and can hear the inner thoughts of us all saying, “What are they talking about?” How many worship services have you sat in that feel the same way? The songs don’t flow into each other. Every song seems to be a separate thought. And there’s no theme...

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When a Worship Set Blows Your Mind

How often have you asked, “How do we top what we did last week?” The question seems innocent enough. In fact, I don’t blame you for asking. All of our churches are after excellence. We all want to do our best.  We’re creative worship leaders. We want to find creative ways to tell our story. But when we ask that “bigger and better” question, we’re in danger of creating an unhealthy staff and a numb congregation. Let’s explore the danger of the “bigger and better” attitude, and how to take a healthier approach to planning our worship services. A...

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How to Make Rehearsals Amazing

One of the fastest ways to improve the quality of your service is to improve your rehearsals. Making a few changes to how you communicate and run rehearsal can make a world of difference. Communicate early, often, and in a language your people speak. We communicate with our team before, during, and after rehearsals. The key to doing it effectively is to do it early, often, and in a language your people speak. First, communicate early. Don’t wait until the last minute to give your team the song list. Give them proper time to prepare for rehearsal. The quality...

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