Why You Need to Know the Rules So You Can Break Them

By Stephen Brewster       April 17, 2017

As artists, it is so important we know the rules. If we don’t know them, we can’t navigate them, obey them or – even better – break them.

What Can Your Service Do that Nothing Else Can Do?

By Jonathan Malm       April 2, 2017

For your church to maintain maximum effect, you need to change your paradigm when it comes to what your churches is created to do. It's not information.

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Preview Night [Easter at Champions Centre]

By Jonathan Malm       March 16, 2017

Read about the "preview night" the team puts together to help their pastor experience what Easter will be like as well as make last-minute tweaks to things.

The Planning [Easter at Champions Centre]

By Jonathan Malm       March 2, 2017

Easter planning began three months out. Here's a run-down of their planning process, collaboration, and how that works in tandem with their pastor's plans.

Why Your Unique Creative Expression Matters

By Cole NeSmith       February 15, 2017

Corporate Christian leadership is all about replacing yourself. But doesn't that just make you a cog in a wheel? Isn't there something to you being unique?

Why Creativity Matters in the Church

By Stephen Brewster       February 1, 2017

Creativity matters in the church. But it's not just about making things nicer. There's a deeper purpose to creative expression in our churches.

Using Creativity to Make Generosity Part Of Your Culture

By Josh Blankenship       January 18, 2017

If you want a culture of creative generosity to stick in your organization, it’s going to take work and commitment. Here are some things you need to do.

Does Your Church Create Clickbait?

By Jonathan Malm       January 4, 2017

Churches sometimes resort to a clickbait strategy when it comes to getting people to services. That's not good. But what's the solution? Here's an idea.

3 Steps to Growing Your Creative Team

By Stephen Brewster       December 15, 2016

Whether you just took charge of a new creative team or want to grow your current one, here are three steps that will grow it the right way.

How to Identify Your Church’s Unique Identity

By Lee Coate       December 1, 2016

As creatives, it is vital that we have a sense of our church's identity in order to effectively use our unique gifts and inspiration to the full impact.

12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Share Your Staff’s Christmas Traditions

By Jonathan Malm       November 16, 2016

Here's an idea to help your church position itself creatively around traditions: Find some that are shareable and package them to share with your church.

12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Show Personality Throughout the Property

By Jonathan Malm       November 1, 2016

Each touch point is an opportunity for your church to share a little bit of its personality. Consider making some fun signs for your volunteers to hold.

Tapping Creative Talent that Doesn’t Perform a Function

By Jonathan Malm       October 17, 2016

There are people in your church – creative innovators – who have something to offer. But how do you tap into their talent if they don't run sound or lights?

Are You Creating or Doing Artistic Recycling?

By Josh White       October 3, 2016

Many ministry leaders are passionate about originality and authenticity. Yet they regularly rehash another church’s pursuit of originality.

How to Get Perspectives Instead of Ideas

By Josh Blankenship       September 15, 2016

When you ask for feedback, you most often get ideas. That isn't super helpful most of the time. So how can you get perspectives instead of ideas?

The Two Buttons of Creativity

By Stephen Brewster       September 1, 2016

Depending on whether or not your team has time to play or everything goes last minute, there are two buttons you should push to activate better creativity.

9 Types of Creative Experiences Your Church Can Implement

By Cole NeSmith       August 29, 2016

Creative experiences engage people in fresh ways. This list has helped Cole's team vary their experiences and get out of the rut of doing the same things.

A Tale of Two Generations, Part 2

By Hunter Wilson       August 15, 2016

Read the continuation of a conversation between two co-workers from different generations who are tasked with leading the creative vision of their church.

A Tale of Two Generations

By Kelvin Co       August 1, 2016

Kelvin and Hunter are from two different generations, yet they're tasked with leading the creative vision of a church. Read about the challenge.

How to Develop Fresh Eyes for Evaluating Your Service

By Cameron Smith       July 14, 2016

Evaluating your church service is a vital part of the creative process. But what do you do when your eyes are dulled and blind to things you might miss?

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