5 Ways Leaders Unintentionally Discourage Creatives

By Emily Cummins       May 11, 2017

There’s nothing quite like seeing a finished project in motion—your graphic re-posted for the millionth time on Instagram; your branding splashed across the homepage...

What Healthy Leaders Praise

By Jonathan Pearson       May 4, 2017

Healthy leaders know when to praise their followers and how to praise them. They know how to speak their language and bring out the best in others.

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3 Questions to Ask Your Team Each Sunday

By Brian Mann       April 24, 2017

These three questions will help keep your creative team engaged Sunday to Sunday – pushing the limits and creating their best work.

Leading from the Second Chair

By Ryan Richey       April 10, 2017

You may not be the leader, but that doesn't mean you can't affect positive change in your church. Here are some tips on leading from the second chair.

Volunteers [Easter at Champions Centre]

By Jonathan Malm       March 9, 2017

Volunteers are always one of the big challenges of events like Easter weekend. Here's how Champions Centre tackles that need for extra volunteers.

Why Good Leadership Matters in the Church

By Jonathan Pearson       February 8, 2017

We talk so much about good leadership in the church, but why does it even matter? Just to make good organizations? There's more to it than that.

When to Give Grace and When to Discipline

By Jonathan Pearson       January 25, 2017

There's a fine line between patience and discipline with those we lead. How do you find the balance between grace and getting things? Here are three tips.

The 5 Warning Signs of Leadership Burnout

By Daniel Villarreal       January 11, 2017

Do you and your team know how to avoid burnout and moral failure? Here are five warning signs to look out for so you can make sure you stay healthy.

Why Celebration is So Important in Leadership

By Emily Cummins       December 22, 2016

There are no right or wrong ways to celebrate the wins in your story, but you must celebrate the wins if you hope to finish your leadership story strong.

3 Things Creatives Need to Hear from Their Leaders

By Brian Mann       December 8, 2016

If you lead creative people, you have the opportunity to speak life and encouragement into your team members. Here are three things you should say to them.

12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Getting Volunteers to Focus

By Jonathan Malm       November 23, 2016

Here's an idea for helping volunteers focus on the guests this Christmas, instead of chatting with their friends or checking their phones.

12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Putting Parents’ Minds at Ease

By Jonathan Malm       November 9, 2016

Here's a simple idea to help the parents of babies attending your service to feel more confident leaving their little ones in a nursery.

The “You” That Exists Beyond Your Role

By Emily Cummins       October 24, 2016

Ministry opportunities and jobs come and go. Your role will change. The constant is what God is doing in and through us – that's your real identity.

Managers vs. Leaders

By David Clark       October 10, 2016

There's a slight, but important different between managers and leaders. Here's what it means to be a leader who inspires in the church world.

4 Alternatives to Traditional Meetings

By David Clark       September 22, 2016

The next time there’s something to discuss, don't just settle for a meeting. Consider something a bit less traditional, but potentially much more effective.

How to Keep Your Team (and Yourself) from Burning Out

By Jenny Potter       September 8, 2016

If you strive for everyday balance, you will burn out quickly. But if you can embrace the differences between busy and slow seasons, you’ll last long.

5 Ways to Make Volunteering More Fun

By Jonathan Malm       August 22, 2016

How much fun do your volunteers have during the weekend experience? These five tips will improve morale, the size of your team, and even the church service.

What it Means to Lead from Love

By Jonathan Pearson       August 8, 2016

How do we love those we lead like Jesus loved His own disciples? As leaders, we learn to love those we lead by walking through life with them.

10 Unique Challenges Women in Leadership Face

By Emily Cummins       July 21, 2016

Women haven't always had a fair chance at leadership in the church. But there are also other complications that make it tough for ladies who lead nowadays.

Qualities of an Effective Meeting

By David Clark       July 7, 2016

Very few of us actually like meetings. But we know there's something to them. So how do we make sure the meetings are effective?

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