The 5 Love Languages of Your Tech Team

By Jeremy Smith       May 15, 2017

A team is a complicated process. As any one that has their own family, whether as a parent or child, there are several relationship...

6 Tips for an Effective Offering Moment in 2017

By Dean Sweetman       May 2, 2017

Online giving, mobile giving apps, and text to give… all new and game-changing technologies that have had a big impact on the Church, but...

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Why Your Network Matters as a Tech Leader

By Van Metschke       April 26, 2017

Working in the tech/production world can lead to extreme feelings of isolation. That's why your network is so important to your long-term health.

The 3 Tech Personalities

By Dennis Choy       April 12, 2017

If we understand our personality, we can avoid potential conflict and misunderstanding. Do you see yourself in these three tech personality types?

Tech Team [Easter at Champions Centre]

By Jonathan Malm       March 23, 2017

Read about the developmental psychology major who leads the team of techs at Champions Centre. Read about their culture and what made Easter so special.

Lighting Design [Easter at Champions Centre]

By Jonathan Malm       March 13, 2017

The lighting team at Champions Centre has great gear, but they intentional use it less than it's capable of being used for. Here's why.

Why Good Production Matters in the Church

By Van Metschke       February 23, 2017

Good production matters because it's for God. The thing is, good doesn't necessarily mean expensive. You can be good with what you have.

Why Technology Matters in the Church

By Duke DeJong       February 9, 2017

Here are a few key reasons why you should be leveraging technology to reach people – using it effectively to extend the Great Commission.

Give People a Break

By Todd Elliott       January 26, 2017

Whether we like it or not, it is possible to over produce something with technology. Here are some key values to follow when thinking about technology.

5 Things Your Volunteer Environments Must Have

By Carl Barnhill       January 12, 2017

For your volunteer environments to thrive, you must be intentional about the culture you’re creating. Here are five major things they need.

What’s Missing from Most Tech Training

By Duke DeJong       December 26, 2016

In our effort to get people serving in their role quickly, many leaders unintentionally short circuit their people by skipping the basics of tech training.

3 Ways to Cast Vision for Your Tech Team

By Mike Sessler       December 12, 2016

If you're the tech leader in your church, you need to cast vision for your people so they don’t perish. Maybe not perish, but they will burn out and quit.

12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Christmas Lights as Stage Lighting

By Jonathan Malm       November 28, 2016

Christmas lights make great stage lighting during Christmastime. Here are a few ways to use them that you may have not considered before.

12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Digital Christmas Service

By Jonathan Malm       November 10, 2016

Here's an idea that will let you take Christmas Sunday off while still providing a service option for your church. Why not make a digital Christmas service?

A Practical Guide to Success as a Tech

By Duke DeJong       October 26, 2016

Success as a tech will not necessarily come from being a technical guru alone; it will take pairing our knowledge of tech with the some critical skills.

The Perspective a Successful Tech Needs to Have

By Dennis Choy       October 12, 2016

Slow and steady always seem to pay off in the long term. Here are two areas where church techs needs to have that sort of perspective.

The Most Important Training a Tech Director Can Provide

By Van Metschke       September 26, 2016

There are so many facets of working with a team of staff or volunteers. But what is the most important training a TD can give to his team?

3 Tips for Improving Communication with Your Tech Team

By Mike Sessler       September 12, 2016

Communication is vital if your team is going to work well together. Here are a few tips for doing a better job of communicating with your tech team.

5 Ways to Prepare for Failure

By Duke DeJong       August 24, 2016

We all like to pretend things can go perfectly in the tech world. But planning for failure doesn’t make you negative or paranoid, it makes you smart.

The Reward for Invisibility

By Dennis Choy       August 10, 2016

Working as a tech director or volunteer can feel like there's no immediate reward for your job. But there is a reward, even in your invisibility.

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