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Posted by Jonathan Malm on March 01, 2017.

Author: Jonathan Malm

This issue of Sunday| Mag is all about the Easter services at Champions Centre in Tacoma, Washington in 2015. They’re just a little bit south of Seattle. They normally have five weekend services across their two campuses in Tacoma and Bellevue.

Their Easter services had their five regular weekend services, plus two Good Friday services and a community Easter egg hunt that happened during their Sunday services. They saw almost 10,000 people come out that weekend.

The main focus of their Easter services was a creative element that happened in the middle of their worship set. It was a gigantic cross that sat center stage for the first couple of songs. Then at a pivotal moment, the cross came alive with a projection mapped video that transitioned from their slow song to their celebration song to end the worship set.

Their pastor, Kevin Gerald, delivered the message series, “Jesus Doesn’t Quit”.

Some of the notable differences between their normal weekend services and their Easter services were:

  1. They opened the Easter service with a live host on stage giving people an introduction to what they could expect. Eg: “You can expect to be here for about 75 minutes. We have a very full sound in our auditorium; if you need, ear plugs are available. Our kids area is open and ready for your children. Etc.” They do this each weekend, but normally it’s just a pre-filmed video spot they use to open the service.
  2. They inserted a video testimony into their worship set.
  3. They strategically promoted the following weekend to compel guests to come back and hear Carolina Panthers running back, Jonathan Stewart, share his testimony.

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