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A New Way to Handle Event Registration

A New Way to Handle Event Registration

Last Monday we talked about Cross Point Church’s use of tickets to try to measure attendance at their limited-seating Christmas production. It didn’t work very accurately for them. But I just found out about a new product called The RSVP App that might have helped them in this situation.

The RSVP App is a new project aimed at helping you create event registration for limited-seating events. It makes registration simple and easily trackable, so you know exactly where the event stands whenever you want to know.

Some of its features include:

  • Multiple-venue events
  • Cross-platform support
  • Social sharing
  • Child-care option with checkin system like you experience at the airport (pre-checkin)
  • Email blasts to attendees
  • Guest management (cancel or change RSVP)
  • Guest follow-up

Looks like a really cool option for $40/month (or per event if you just want to use it for one month).

Give it a look at

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