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Posted by Jonathan Malm on February 01, 2013.

Author: Jonathan Malm

Why have a special Easter issue in February? Because we work at churches. We’re stuck celebrating events like Easter and Christmas at least two months early. We have to plan good things for those that will join us on those special days. Plus, we’re just crazy like that.

This special issue is all about Long Hollow Baptist Church’s approach to Easter last year (except the album reviews). It’s all about the creative process of planning and executing all the things they did for their Easter services.

Their approach isn’t necessarily the model for how Easter should be done. This isn’t even an example for you to replicate at your services. This issue is merely a look at what they did in hopes that you’ll get some new ideas, drop some old ones, and have a fresh perspective going in to your Easter planning this year.

While we all approach church differently and from different theological backgrounds, our overall goals remain the same. We want to impact our world with the Gospel. We want to strengthen our congregations spiritually. And we want to bring glory to God through our actions as the Church.

Be encouraged by their mistakes and excited by their successes. Meet the new characters they introduce you to. And enjoy the creativity behind their process.

While the whole issue is presented in my voice, I interviewed a few of the Long Hollow staff members to make sure all the information was accurate:

  • Jason Dyba – Creative Director
  • Eric Murrell – Communications Director
  • Gerald Trottman – Worship Leader
  • Greg Saffles – Stage and Lighting
  • Jeff Lemmonds – Front-of-House Audio Engineer

I want to say a very special thank you to those I interviewed and all the Long Hollow team for opening their doors and being so transparent. They all had their hands in making the 2012 Easter services possible (along with countless volunteers and fellow staff members).

My goal is that you can experience their Easter services for yourself through these articles. We don’t always get the chance to enjoy what other churches are doing because we’re in our own trenches at Easter and Christmas time. So enjoy this. You have your own Easter giant to slay in a couple months. Let this prepare you and stir up your excitement for the event.

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Jonathan is a creative entrepreneur and writer. He is the author of "Created for More," a 30-day devotional to help you develop a more creative mind. You’ll find him in San Antonio, Texas, roasting his own coffee beans and enjoying life with his Argentine wife, Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter @jonathanmalm.

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