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Too Far?

Too Far?

Is this church retention program going too far? [From 22Words]


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Jonathan Malm

Jonathan is a creative entrepreneur and writer. He is the author of "Created for More," a 30-day devotional to help you develop a more creative mind. You’ll find him in San Antonio, Texas, roasting his own coffee beans and enjoying life with his Argentine wife, Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter @jonathanmalm.


  1. Rachelle Hitte

    Im just not sure how I feel about this. What’s the point I guess? Are the taking it the streets? Going through the ghetto or just to Walmart?

  2. Keith

    *Grrrrrroan* I would be so embarrassed if our church did that.

    • Tyler Rippel

      Agree. Ridiculous. Thankful for the leadership here.


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