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The Role of a Live Video Producer

You’re more valuable when you work yourself out of as many jobs as you possibly can. Raise up leaders like a Volunteer Video Producer to help you and the team execute your Sunday worship services with excellence.

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Social Media is a Tool, Not a Goal

My father-in-law loves carpentry. He collects woodworking tools?he?s got a whole workshop full of them. And I enjoy working with him on a few carpentry projects. It?s actually taught me something valuable about marketing.

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Production Team Positions

Easter at Christ?s Church of the Valley was an all-hands-on-deck production event. This meant six more than their usual roster running everything. It also meant

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Differences are Essential

When building a team/organization it?s important to build a well-rounded group with lots of different voices and personalities. Those different personalities will sharpen and grow each other on a regular basis. As you sharpen and grow with each other, truly great things will be created and accomplished.

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Commentary on current events or newsworthy articles about the church.

#metoo and the Church

If your first response to allegations of a sexual assault within the church is to protect the favored son over protecting the vulnerable, you?re missing the mark and breaking God?s heart. For every woman brave enough to share their story on #WhyIDidntReport, there are countless more living in silence for fear of being shamed, blamed, and ostracized. ?

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