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Differences are Essential

When building a team/organization it’s important to build a well-rounded group with lots of different voices and personalities. Those different personalities will sharpen and grow each other on a regular basis. As you sharpen and grow with each other, truly great things will be created and accomplished.

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Coming Back From Burnout

Too often in ministry, we hide our failures and bury our grief, even if we know we’re following God’s leading. Instead, allow yourself to grieve, and allow God to heal your hurt.

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Responding to Negative Feedback

As a creative, it is very easy to get attached to projects we’ve poured our heart into. Most projects involve a lot of sleepless nights, tough deadlines, and hours of staring at a blank canvas. So, how exactly do you handle those moments when a client says. “ This just isn’t what we’re looking for.” Or, on the much less unpleasant side “This is awful.”

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Take Care of Yourself

Too often we find ourselves getting so caught up in church work that we forget to take care of ourselves. If we want to be used by God and serve others to our fullest potential we can not neglect our own mental and spiritual health. So, what are some practical ways you can take care of yourself?

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Sunday Mag

Sunday Mag is a free online magazine for pastors and churches, exploring ways you can grow your church and engage your community from Sunday to Sunday.

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