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Barbara Carneiro shares some practical tips to help your church through the #COVID19 crisis.

Tip #1:

Record your message in advance and post it as a Watch Party or Premier on Facebook instead of using Facebook Live. Then there isn’t a mad rush to produce a live event on Sunday, and it frees you up to engage better online or out in your community.

Tip #2:

Start posting recorded videos from your phone or home before Sunday. Start building rapport, testing technology and increasing trust. Now that your church is all digital, at least for the time being, make the best of it and fill the feeds with helpful content.

Tip #3:

Don’t fear doing “sound checks” and “tech checks” throughout the week. Your community will engage and participate. They will not judge. They are quite forgiving, especially now. Show them the behind the scenes. Don’t pursue perfection. Pursue authenticity.

Tip #4:

Prepare your moderators. Who has access to your social media accounts and can answer to questions via comments and messenger? Don’t just post your sermon and leave people hanging throughout the week.

Tip #5:

Get your worship team online. Now. We all need a time of worship. We all need to focus on what really matters. A guitar and a phone is all you need.

Tip #6:

Build a hope filled playlist on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music. Share it on Facebook and Instagram.

Tip #7:

Have a prayer team? Have them lead a time of prayer on Facebook Live and ask for prayer requests to be sent via messenger.

Tip #8:

Don’t forget other digital media. Send out a newsletter with a video showing how to subscribe to your Youtube or Facebook channel before Sunday.

Tip #9:

Have a children’s ministry? Get them to record the lesson of the week, memory verse, craft or activity and post online so families can do it with their kids. They can record this from home.

Tip #10:

This might be a good time to start a Facebook group for your church. And not just a generalized group, but groups for all the different segments of your people and age groups, needs, etc.

Tip #11:

Have a small church? Call every member. Yes, I mean it.
See how they are doing. Build relationships. Meet their needs.

Tip #12:

Ministering to others online doesn’t have to be exclusive to Sundays at 9am. You can now have “service” at any time.
Break the mold.

Tip #13:

Want to record the sermon + slides? Try You can record your screen with your face. Then upload to social media.

Tip #14:

Echo Prayer is an app that allows you to create prayer chains for $3.33/month. Create a group and start sharing prayer feeds and prayer groups.

Take it online.

Tip #15:

Are you in New York? Create posts that say “Coronavirus New York”. Are you in Seattle? Create posts that include “Coronavirus in Seattle”. People are searching. Facebook and Youtube will do the rest.

Tip #16:

Don’t know how to livestream or can’t plan fast enough for tomorrow? Consider sharing another church’s livestream.

Tip #17:

It may be a good time to set up online giving, if you don’t have it yet.

Tip #18:

Don’t forget a pop up or prominent block on your website about the changes you are making to service.

Tip #19:

Consider adding your online event to the YouVersion Bible App, and engage people with your church. YouVersion Events is a completely free service that helps you connect your attenders with everything happening at your church. Use their free online tools to set up your Event with the location, date, and time. Add your sermon notes, linked Bible passages, church news and announcements, teaching series art, recommended Reading Plans, and even links to your online giving.

Tip #20:

This is by far the best tip. Are you ready for it?

Rest. Rest in the One that holds it all. Rest in the finished work of Christ. Rest under His yoke, as it is light. Rest knowing all is in His hands.

Rest. Rest your body and your mind. Rest from the worries and concerns. Rest from the doubts and fears. Rest from the unknown that may look scary. Rest from the physical labor.

Rest. Rest in prayer. Prayer is not a confessionary or a genie in a bottle. It’s not a court room or a judgement seat. Prayer is not a chore or an obligation. Prayer is a place of rest.

Rest. Rest. Rest child. Abba’s got this!

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