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The Coronavirus is a worldwide crisis, but it's also the church's opportunity to reach more people through social media than ever before.

The Coronavirus outbreak is all anyone can talk about right now—and for good reason. It’s impacting all of us, at different levels, all around the world.

This is the first time we scroll through our social media feeds and see ever post focused on the same subject. Who knows how much longer this will last. But we can assert that the duration will be largely impacted on how we act during this time.

What’s also clear is that this is the opportunity for the church to step up and stay relevant. We’ve talked a great deal about the need to shift worship to an online format and how to engage a community online.

Continuing to share relevant and encouraging content on social media is also vital for churches. I recently compiled the following list of ideas for what we’re going to start sharing at my local church. This is just the start of how we can leverage technology to continue reaching people remotely. 

1. Pin an update video from leadership at top of all social accounts.

2. Ask people how we can pray for them.

3. Post photos of how you’re still serving the community.

4. List discussion questions that families can talk about at home.

5. Share news updates of closures and local event cancelations.

6. Encourage people to share photos of where they’re watching online from.

7. Post short sermon messages from the senior pastor.

8. Link to a landing page of COVID-19 resources on your website.

9. Remind people that they’re not alone and still part of your church.

10. Design encouraging quote graphics from scripture and leaders.

11. Show behind the scenes photos of your online stream.

12. Answer pressing questions everyone is asking.

13. Do a challenge for people to watch online.

14. Ask what shows people at watching at home.

15. Tell people about different video chat applications so they can stay connected.

16. List books people can read while they’re stuck inside.

17. Give people clear action steps to focus on.

18. Suggest how small groups can still meet remotely.

19. Post ideas for how people can still support local businesses.

20. Share s photo of your staff meeting on a video call.

What is your church posting to social media during the pandemic?

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