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“Time is money” is a phrase that’s been around since the 1700’s (thank you Ben Franklin) for a reason.

Because it’s true.

We put a lot of thought toward how to save our money, but have you considered just how valuable your time is? Considering how to save our time is equally as worthwhile as how to save our money.

So here are 3 ways to free up your time.

Outsource Your Graphics

Social Media is a full time time job. Email marketing is a full time job. Just processing communications request can be a full time job. Graphic design is more than a full time job.

You cannot do it all. Unless graphic design is your sweet spot and you need to hire the other way around, this needs to be the first off of your plate.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer, check out Church Media Squad. They even do videos. Stop toiling in Canva and go do what only you can do. Especially if you are a one-man-communication-band responsible for creating AND communicating content, you need to be able to create margin outside of graphics.

Create a Communications Request Form

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.??? Peter Drucker

We will always have people asking for something to be created or communicated. After all, it’s our job! But navigating requests from drive-by conversations, email, texts, and phone calls wastes a lot of time. Not to mention the time it takes in the back and forth to get questions (like what size does this need to be? Where will you be using this? What is your copy again? Do you have a URL? When do you need this by?) answered.

Streamlining how people communicate to you increases your efficiency to effectively communicate to others. Take a cue from Peter Drucker and do what you’re already doing, but just do it better. There are several ways to create a communications request form, but I’ve already built a Request Form for you. A team of experts (myself included) already thought about the questions you need answered, the steps that need to be taken, and the system to make it all work. Seriously. It will even auto update your team on where their request is in the process.

Work Out Of a Content Calendar

You can plan a month’s worth of content in ONE DAY if you do some deep work. Imagine how much time (not to mention brain space) you’ll save when you know you have social media posts taken care of. This leaves more room for you to post the “icing on the cake” posts, actually engage and interact with your followers, be more creative throughout the month to share things that are meaningful.

Ask, “what is important to share”? Get the announcements out of the way (which shouldn’t be your focus anyway) so you can focus on what connects you with the people that follow you. You can use this Content Calendar Template if you need a blank slate.

Time is money. Use it wisely, and save it.

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