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There are a few vital things you can do to prepare your production team for excellence on Sunday.
1. Offer Non-Stressful Training Opportunities
Offer training sessions at non-stress times (meaning not a Sunday or Wednesday). Give your new volunteers a chance to touch and play with the gear. Give your seasoned volunteers an environment in which to cross-train and learn a new position. This is also an opportunity to let your seasoned volunteers train new people. If you have a band rehearsal on a night of the week where your volunteers would have opportunities to train on camera and directing, that’s ideal. If not, perhaps plan in advance and have a worship leader training or private concert that would give your people a real, but non-stressful environment in which to learn.
2. Regularly Evaluate your Services
This is so crucial, yet not a lot of production teams do this. Watch how your team did. Make a list of what you saw, be sure to include the good things that you noticed, and give praise for those things. Also include items that need “coaching up” or improvement.
You can do this by gathering your team and watching the service together, or you could post it online and attach your comments to the video. A good way to accomplish this is to upload your video to Vimeo and use the description section to post your notes. Vimeo has a great feature in that you can type a timecode, say “3:45” for example. This timecode becomes clickable, and links directly to that timecode in your posted video. You can even password protect your video for only your team to see.
3. Weekly Team Email
Stay in communication with your team. Let them feel informed and apart of a community. We suggest a weekly email to your team, but you could
adjust to a once a month newsletter or whatever fits your team. The point is, keep your team informed and motivated.
Here are some things you could include in your regular communication to your team:
  • Important Church Stats & Insider News:?celebrate salvation and baptism numbers, share great stories of life change, share a testimony, share news about the church, share any ‘insider’?information
  • Team Celebrations:?share birthdays, anniversaries, baby announcements, salvations, baptisms, etc.
  • Service Evaluations:?send links to where you have evaluated the service (see #2 above).
  • What’s Coming This Week: include information about your upcoming Sundayor event. You can include what series you are in, what the message will be on, special instructions for a performance or creative moment or any other pertinent information that would set your team up for success.

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