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The benefits of working with organizations that operate according to Christian principles

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider for your church website there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from.

One way to narrow the number of options is to choose a Christian web hosting company.


4 Reasons to Choose a Christian Web Host

1) Understanding

Christians are called by God to be different. Our values are different, our thinking is different, and our language is different from the broader culture. There are going to be things about your church and its website that a non-Christian working in a secular company just won?t understand, but a brother or sister in Christ working in a Christian company will.

2) Honesty

Secular companies sometimes use shady marketing tactics and may even mislead customers, especially when it comes to technical matters that your average pastor, church secretary, or church website manager might not understand. By choosing a Christian web hosting company, you are choosing an organization that has honesty as one of its core values.

3) Supporting One Another

When we do business with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we help them earn an income and support their families. They in turn also use a portion of that income to support their churches and other Christian missions.

4) Shared Mission

The ultimate goal for a secular company is to make money for its owner or shareholders. The mission of every Chris-follower is to bring glory to God and love others. I often see Christian support staff and Christian business owners go above and beyond the call of duty because ultimately they share the same mission as the churches they serve.

I?m not suggesting we be legalistic about this ? every church does not have to choose a Christian web hosting provider over a secular company. But it?s good to be aware of the benefits and reasons for choosing to work with organizations that operate according to Christian principles.

When it comes to choosing a church web hosting provider, there are many other factors to consider such as platform, disk space, bandwidth, support, email, backup services, SSL certificates, and transfer services. For help with understanding and evaluating these factors, see The Ultimate Guide to Church Web Hosting.

How important is it to you to work with Christian product and service providers? Why?



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