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If you have ever struggled to come up with ideas for what to post about on social media, then this article will be your new best friend!

One of the top social media questions I hear is, ?We currently only post about 2-3 times a week at our church. We want to post more, but what should we post about?? Posting on social media daily can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn?t have to be. If you are only posting a few times a week, this means you?re likely only posting promotional content, which isn?t healthy for social media engagement.

Your church social media channels shouldn?t be a billboard people drive by, they should be a coffee shop where you visit with people. Social posts have the opportunity to minister to the hurting, introduce people to Jesus, build community, talk about what is actually happening in the world, and yes, also promote your events as well. Your social posts can and should accomplish these goals. To help you along this path, here are four types of posts you can start creating today, and a few other posts you can mix in periodically.

  1. Verse Image Graphics

The Bible is God?s living Word to us and nothing can inspire someone, reach those outside the church, or minister to those who are hurting like God?s Word. Many websites create verse images you can use. YouVersion posts a verse each day on their social media channels and you can easily share those. Remember to always write a short, personal caption that will grab someone?s attention.

  1. Question of the Day

People don?t want to just hear what you have to say, they also want to know you care about their opinions. Create a question each day that asks them to share about something serious or funny in their life. For example, you might ask how you can pray for them, have people encourage their friends in the comments, or ask something silly based on a holiday that?s coming up. If you?re having issues getting people to answer ask a few of your volunteers to start the conversation. And make sure you respond to their answers!

  1. Share a Post from Another Channel

Social media shouldn?t just be all about your own content. Share posts from other channels to create conversation around popular and encouraging stories. Plenty of stories trend throughout the week that show God moving in people?s lives around the world.

  1. Promote Your Events

Of course you want to let people know what?s coming up?your church is investing in those events to help people! When you share about these, focus on communicating what you want for people, not what you want from them. ?And try to keep these to a ratio of one promotional post for every four posts you share. You don?t want people to see your channel as a billboard that?s only about advertising and not about community.

Periodic Posts

Besides the daily posts above you can also mix in quote graphics or short video clips from last weekend?s sermon, photos of your volunteers with thanks for their service, highlight videos of recent baptisms, behind-the-scenes photos of your staff having fun in the office, and Facebook Live videos so people can interact with your lead pastor.

Getting creative with your social media posting doesn?t have to be difficult, but it does take a bit of thought. Carve out a little time at the beginning of the week to schedule these types of post and increase your reach and engagement!

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