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Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms worldwide. It only makes sense that we learn to utilize it. I’ve laid out 4 ways that you can create quality and eye appealing content without having to use expensive software.

Understand Your Audience

Before I post any content for my clients I first study and browse the client?s followers. Though I might not
have tons of clients, I believe the ones I do have trust me because of my consistent quality work they have been referred from. After I understand what my audience likes or what intrigues them, I tailor these specifications in the content. This includes the kind of music I choose, the type of colors I pick, what stock images I search, and what type of animation to include.

Create With a Purpose

Your content must have a message to deliver. I always tell myself, ?post with a purpose, rather than posting because I can?. This means in the message you deliver, try to catch your audience?s attention in 15 seconds because they have the freedom to swipe and skip.

The message must be engaging and to the point.

It must be simple yet attractive enough to stop the scroll.

Use Stock Tools

Once you have decided on your content, you must remember to leave breathing room for fun Instagram tools. Instagram tools make your posts personal rather than corporate business information. Make it more engaging by using Instagram stock tools such as polls, GIFs. mentions, emojis, and other fun stickers. Use IG’s swipe up feature if available in your account, and use IGTV links to drive the viewer to the longer time lengthy content.

Experiment and see what works your audience in. Use their insight tool to track the audience?s likes and dislikes.

Follow Your Inspiration

We don?t always know which route to take and we don?t always know what is going to trend. So we must follow people who inspire us when we have ‘creators block’.

PSA: Make sure you tag them in your work – not only is this the right thing to do, but it also tells them that they have been a blessing to you.

When you credit your inspirational pictures, creators, and boards, it shows that you are a creator who is willing to grow in skill and pay respect to those who freely expose their work and most of their time.


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