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Tacos are delicious. But can they also teach us a thing or two about church communications? Short answer?yes.

That Church Conference co-founder,?Justin Dean and I have a few things in common:

  • We both formerly worked at a local church
  • We both have a background in PR
  • We both live in Atlanta
  • And we both love tacos

I absolutely love Mexican food. But Justin takes this to a whole different level. That got me thinking of a few things we as church communicators can learn from this most delicious dish.

1. Stack the Toppings

Tacos can have a variety of ingredients. Meat, beans, salsa, onions, cilantro, guacamole, etc. I?m making myself hungry just typing this.

Communicators wear many hats. Webmaster. Graphic designer. Project manager. Social media manager. Photographer. Writer. Editor. The list goes on.

We have to learn how to juggle all of these different responsibilities without making a mess. It can be tricky to handle everything at once, but if tacos can do it, so can we.

2. Have Both Soft and Hard Shells

Tacos come in two varieties?hard shell and soft shell. I?m more of a soft shell guy, myself, but they?re both delicious. Church communicators also have to wear two different kinds of shell?metaphorically speaking, of course.

Part of our job calls us to be objective and impartial. At times, we need act with a hard shell mentality to prevent us from cracking under pressure.

Nevertheless, we need to have a tender and caring side that recognizes the gravity of each situation. Wearing a soft shell means tapping into our emotions and communicating with a human touch.

3. Be Spicy

A hallmark of any good Mexican dish is the spice. Spice keeps an otherwise bland meal interesting. I like to think of the church communicator as the spice of a church.

We often work with some bland people. Or at least, they have to act bland for their job. Thankfully, we have the opportunity to add a little flavor to the church world.

Pepper in some variety on social media. Add some seasoning with the sermon graphics. Make a splash by giving the Sunday bulletin a little personality. Be the spice within your church. Just remember, too much spice can burn your tongue.

4. Be Universal

Tacos are a staple of Mexican cuisine. But they?re enjoyed around the world. Tacos are not something limited to one community, but shared by many.

The church is local, but it can have wide appeal if we manage the message effectively. The key to spreading in this way is finding that commonality everyone can relate to. Give your church a universal appeal while still staying true to your local flavor.

5. Stay Hungry

The one problem with tacos is they make you hungry? for more tacos. The same can be said for church communications?it keeps you coming back for more.

No one works at a church for the pay or the fame. We do this job because we?re passionate about it. And that passion fuels us to keep going. If you?re trying to sustain on anything other than trying to serve God, then you won?t last very long.

Keep working hard and don?t stop hustling. Maybe you can convince your boss to pay you in guacamole.

The Real Lesson of This Post

All taco jokes aside, the real lesson here is that church communicators must be creative.

If I can think of five lessons you can learn from a taco, then you can certainly be creative enough to do your job within the church. Sometimes we just have to do the work with the tools we?re given. Even if those tools are queso and salsa.



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