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Here’s the scene. Your favorite band is coming to town. You want to invite your friends to come with you (obviously). What is the first thing you do? Do you email them, call them, post on social media and tag them, or do you text them?

I’m gonna guess that you answered TEXT them. (PSA: phones are not for phone calls anymore. Seriously, Mom, stop calling.)

Fun fact: 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes; we should be taking advantage of a tool that everyone else is already using.

There are a ton of tools that offer texting services, but over 17k church leaders are using Text In Church ?to make it happen and let me tell you why. (Aside from the obvious reason above.)

It’s more than just texting.

An advantage of using a tool created for churches is because it’s created for churches. They’ve spent years and hours upon hours testing and strategizing for your niche audience. They continue to explore and add the things you need to do your job better.

It saves you time.

If you have people manually entering connect card information, imagine a world where that’s already done by simply filling the connect card out. Text In church offers 1-click integrations with Planning Center, Church Community Builder (CCB) and MailChimp (but you can also import your CSV files). This allows people to add themselves by texting a keyword and filling out your Smart Connect Card.

Creates a Better Guest Experience

Check your website analytics. How many people are first time visitors? My guess is at least 1/2 of them. That is a HUGE amount of people who are looking to get connected, and we have an opportunity to remove barriers.

Right on your landing page, you can add a “Plan Your Visit” section that immediately captures their information and enables you (or your lead pastor) to both text and email them info about your church and your services.

When a stranger comes to your home (say a new neighbor), you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. You tell them what they do / do not need to bring, whether it’s casual or more formal, how long it will be, what the kids will be doing while you hang out, etc…if we do this in our homes, we should also be doing this in our churches.

Create a connection. Set expectations. Follow through.

Automates Your Workflow

Those aren’t sexy words, I know. But listen. How many times have you skipped steps with follow up? Or didn’t know how to create a drip campaign (or frankly didn’t even have time to)? Text In Church has already created a proven 6 week follow up plan, and all you have to do is execute it.

PS: did you catch that it’s automated? Done and done.

Improves Engagement

Let’s go back to the beginning. If you want a response, you’re texting someone. The ability to engage over text message improves your engagement drastically. Increase serving, attendance, and follow through all because you’re meeting people where they already are.

Before the fall gets crazy and you’re in the weeds with guest follow up, just try it for free for 30 days. Tinker with the tools. Ask all the questions. CLICK HERE to get the deal.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below.


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