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Admit it. We all struggle some days with certain aspects of ourselves. Some things we just don?t want to face about our inner workings and others we either ignore or try to change. As designers, there is usually quite a bit of internal struggle about who we are as artists. But at the end of the day, it is the most fun to just sit back and laugh at many of the idiosyncrasies that we deal with day in and day out. So, just for fun, what if our design-personalities were a job description? Check out the list below and see what personality best fits you where you are right now.

The Perfectionist

Struggles with pixel-perfection. Makes a final, final, final version and goes over billable hours willingly to make sure everything looks right. If a misspelling or mistake occurs after something goes to press, there are very real, very wet tears of frustration. Often has a personal vendetta to rid the world of bad design, one kerned letter at a time.

The Hot Shot

Has a hard time hiding their look of disdain when asked for edits. Can make ridiculously good-looking designs that have nothing to do with the actual project. Small, insignificant design requests drive them crazy. They never have time for that ?quick? project. Meetings and phone calls are their archenemy.

The Deadliner

Yep, they can get that project done. They love to design and hate to disappoint. They are excellent pixel-pushing machines that create something just good enough to get an approval and a checkmark on their to-do list. Design speed is their superpower. Honestly, they crank out so much that no one is sure if they are really even human. Oftentimes, they are pretty okay with quantity over quality as long as they hit their deadlines.

The Over-Promiser

?No? is not in their vocabulary. Client projects include their aunt?s garden party invitations and the neighbor kid?s lemonade sign. Caffeine drinks, all-nighters, and long-play music tracks are their trademark. Adding in a client?s too big logo or picture of their favorite cat is one of their dirty little secrets?if it gets the project done, that?s all that matters. Oftentimes, falls victim to ?sneak? rounds of edits that turns a 2-week project into 6-month ordeal.

The Hack

Masters of the ?fake it ?till you make it? (or at least until they finish their project). They have a sixth sense for finding the perfect stock photo or vector image. Carefully toes the line between original and not so original. Can fall victim to recreating other people?s designs just to make a client happy.

The Non-Designer

A non-professional who knows just enough to be dangerous. Can be guilty of awkward drop shadows, outer glows, and cheesy fonts. Often a volunteer or substitute for a professional. Little to no responsibility for quality designs, just needs to make something and move on. Often desires to improve, but lacks the time and effort required to go to the next level.

Do you find yourself in this list? Chances are, you do. But chances are, too, that you?d like to move away from the stereotype. You want to find a perfect zen?a mixture of skill, self-respect, and discipline.[quote]Give yourself a reputation to live up to.[/quote]

It is possible. Yes, you?ll probably always tend toward one of these stereotypes. But start seeing yourself as what you?d like to be. Give yourself a reputation to live up to. And you might be surprised who you see yourself is who you become.

Where are you on the list? Share in a comment below, or label yourself if we somehow missed you on the list.

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