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Make YouTube an indispensable part of your online marketing plan and you'll be amazed at the results you see.

There’s no question that YouTube can be a powerful tool when it comes to getting your message out. As video continues to be on the rise, it should be an integral part of any digital marketing campaign.

If YouTube was considered a search engine, it would actually be second in the world, right behind Google. As one of the most visited websites on the planet, it only makes sense that anyone wanting to get their message out would want to turn to YouTube and see what they can do to get the world’s attention.

Whether you’re a church or ministry, or any organization trying to reach people, YouTube should not be overlooked.



Unique Way to Build Your Brand

YouTube is a great way to build your brand. While articles and websites work great, there’s something about video that just trumps all. Just like watching TV is preferred to reading books, the same is true of written content versus video content online. Even Facebook prefers video. Just scroll through your news feed and count how many posts have video versus text or even image posts.

Videos uploaded to YouTube can be easily found in searches online, and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter, greatly expanding the reach of your brand.

Proximity Matters

Personal connection matters. This is especially true if you’re reaching out to a younger crowd. By having a YouTube page where they can see a person, their quirks, their tone of voice, they can relate to you better. You want to connect with your audience in as many ways as possible, and video offers the most meaningful and impactful medium.

If you’re a church, clips from the sermon work well as shareable content for Youtube. However, don’t stop there. Your pastor can update Youtube with daily devotions, or you could do volunteer interviews. Film people’s stories and testimonies, even if done with your iPhone, and upload them to Youtube often. That kind of content connects well with people, and keeps them coming back for more.

YouTube Videos Rank Well for Competitive Keywords

Google loves YouTube, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone since they own the company (a fact many people forget). YouTube videos are considered solid content and when a video gets a lot of good votes, has a keyword in the title, and comes from a solid account then it can often rank for high traffic keywords that your own website or blog can’t even rank for. That’s a lot of hungry traffic!

Did you know that the most searched for videos are “How-to” videos? Turn your content into clips that can be uploaded with “How To” in the title and watch your view count rise. How To Read Your Bible. How To Share the Gospel. How to Cook Eggs. Whatever brings more visitors to your content.

YouTube Helps You Build Authority Online

Authority matters in the online world, and is essential for effective SEO. Having multiple YouTube videos on related topics is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow online authority that follows you to all your other pages and online efforts.

Backlinks from YouTube Are Important

Collecting backlinks is also extremely important for SEO purposes and a URL link from a YouTube video (especially one that gains authority and ranks high) is a safe and powerful backlink that can help build up a blog or website, especially if you end up stacking several of them together.

Link reach video clip to a blog post or to your website for more info. If it’s a clip of the sermon, link to the full sermon that can be found on your website or in your podcast.

Stay One Step Ahead of Trends

Trends come and go, but the online world is ever-changing. It can be extremely hard to keep up with all of it but one trend that is clear: video content is gaining in demand and is being seen by search engines and social networks as more and more important. Making sure you’re on YouTube helps you know that whatever else changes, you’ll be available on a platform that will stay in high demand.

Give It a Try

Remember, every day that you’re not on YouTube is another one where you are letting potential viewers just surf on by. Make YouTube an indispensable part of your online marketing plan and you’ll be amazed at the results you see.


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