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More than a year ago, I took a new job with a Christian company in the Atlanta area. The job was a great opportunity, and I?ve loved working there. The only issue was that their offices are located on the other side of the city.

My new office is about 30 miles away from my house, which means about an hour commute in Atlanta traffic. This was a pretty big change from the five-minute commute that I?d enjoyed from my previous job.

In that time, I?ve adjusted to living with a long commute. It means waking up early and spending plenty of time in the car. If you also have a lengthy drive to work, you don?t have to waste that time. There are plenty of times to grow spiritually while navigating traffic.

1. Listen to Church Podcasts

Tuning in to some good church podcasts are an obvious option while driving. It allows you to focus your eyes on the road, while absorbing some knowledge with your ears.

Here are some of my own favorite church podcasts that I?d recommend:

There are plenty of non-Christian podcasts that you can listen to as well. But this is just one way you can grown in your faith and connect with God on the road. You can also pick up an audiobook from your favorite Christian author.

2. Avoid the Road Rage

Road rage is real. When you?re sitting in traffic, it?s easy to lose your temper and start treating other drivers in an unchristian fashion. Like slamming on your horn. Or shooting a bird. Or driving dangerously. But that does no one any good.

It can help to remember that everyone else in every other car on the road (even the old lady in the Buick going 30 mph on the freeway) is loved by God. And each of them deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.

3. Get a Church Bumper Sticker

Perhaps one of the best ways to combat road rage is by adding some accountability to your drive. When you add a church bumper sticker or magnet to your car, you?re representing your church.

How you drive reflects how other drivers think about Christians. Which should make you want to drive respectfully. Plus, it?s also helping to spread the word about your local church.

4. Sing Praise

Here?s an admission?I can?t sing. So I typically don?t. It easier to hide a lack of talent while singing hymns with everyone else at church.

But in the car by yourself, there isn?t anyone to judge?except for God, and he loves you for exactly who you are. So crank up the music and sing badly to all the praise music you want.

5. Talk to People

Healthy relationships are an important part of any Christian?s life. You should not try to do your spiritual walk alone. And fostering healthy relationships means keeping in touch with people. Busy lives make keeping in touch difficult, but not impossible.

You can spend your commute talking to friends and family on the phone. Ask how they?re doing and stay updated with their lives. Make a list of people who you want to stay connected with and be sure to reach out about once a month.

If you?re doing to follow this option, I?d strongly recommend investing in a bluetooth headset or bluetooth enabled car. Hands-free driving is the much safer option?and the only legal one in certain states.

6. Talk to God

A car is not the most conventional place to pray. But prayer can be a great use of the time in your commute. Just keep in mind that you?ll have to pray differently than normal. For instance, don?t get down on your knees or close your eyes while still driving.

Because you?re alone in the car, you can speak out loud to God. This can help remind you that prayer is more than a formal practice?it?s a conversation with your heavenly father. Just like you talk to people regularly on the phone, it?s important to maintain a strong connection to God by speaking with him often.

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