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I’m pretty sure this guy was allowed to do a “special” at church during the offering time.

How often do we actually hurt people by letting them show their talent on stage without rehearsing them. Sure, they have fun. But if they aren’t good you’re holding the rest of your congregation captive for an awkward moment. Plus, people might be secretly making fun of the poor performance.

Be assured this wasn’t intended to be mean. Just meant to make you think.



One reply on “A “Special” During Offering”

You have no idea. Last year my husband and I went to his home church to sing at a special service. A few others sang as well. Then one guy got up to do a “special” This was a highlight of my life. Watching an almost 40 year old man do a lipsinc/dance number to an old Carmen song (Don’t want no monsters in this house?). As if the idea of this wasn’t bad enough, it was as if he had made it up that afternoon and didn’t even know all the lyrics. He was so totally serious too. We all had a hard time not laughing.. then my husband broke out his phone to record and it’s on YouTube now. Never going to be as funny as it was in the moment but still amazing. I know the pastor wanted to crawl under the pew. 😉

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