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I’m sure the sound techs at your church never get annoyed with the worship team. But some churches (again, not yours) experience this on the regular. Here are a few things I’ve seen worship teams or pastors do that make sound techs faces get redder than the “mute” LED.

If you’re vindictive, you can use this list to wreak havoc. But perhaps, if you seek to learn, you can get a glimpse into your sound tech’s mind and be a little less troublesome this next Sunday. Enjoy these ten ways to annoy a sound tech!

1. Adjust your?output volume?right?before service starts.

2. Tell them from the stage what level your instrument should be at. “My gain knob should be at 9 o’clock.”

3. Bring your own microphone or mini mixer.

4. Tell them you want more “mids” in your voice.

5. Unplug your guitar suddenly without warning them.

6. Enter?the booth during the week to “help” by making?changes.

7. Ask, “Is my guitar?out there?” Then after your receive an?answer from the tech, ask someone else if they can hear you.

8. Add a musician to the band?5 minutes before service.

9. Cancel rehearsal or soundcheck, but neglect to inform your tech.

10.?Sit out in the seats during rehearsal with your wireless mic and “fix their mix”.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Truly, there are infinite ways to annoy a sound tech. But I figured I’d let you fill in the rest. Leave a comment below with what you’ve seen.

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