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Two weeks ago we created a post about how to annoy sound techs. In truth, it might have been a bit pointed at worship leaders. So this week we thought it would be fun to create a list for worship leaders.

Obviously this sort of stuff never happens to you as a worship leader. And if it did, you’d certainly be more gracious than to get annoyed by this. Certainly.

Let’s use this list as a chance to learn and grow together, rather than to become vindictive and wreak havoc on worship leaders in your life. So without further ado, eleven ways to annoy worship leaders.

1. Create your own click track in their in-ears.

2. Clap on the 1 & 3 when it’s a 2 & 4 song.

3. Give them an unsolicited book on leading worship.

4. “You should sing this song we sang at my old church.”

5. Ask them to teach your child to play an instrument.

6. “I was in prayer this week and wrote a song. Can you play it next week?”

7. Unauthorized tambourines.

8. Change the tuning?on their instrument?right before service starts.

9. Complain that the drums/guitars/etc.?are too loud.

10. Ask why the song didn’t sound like the album version.

11. Ask why your daughter didn’t sing the solo this week…

That’s our eleven. What would you add to the list? What ways have you annoyed your worship leader? Or as a worship leader, what really grinds your gears?

Keep comment civil, please. But let’s also have a little fun. God’s light, right? So lighten up.


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